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This is entirely true

Bank of England says people of any gender identity can be pregnant

Gender identity is whatever you say it is. Fine. You can also call yourself a teapot, Aunt Sally or the European Army.

Sex, however….

13 thoughts on “This is entirely true”

  1. Is there no limit to what our institutions will do to satisfy the endless deranged demands of Stonewall? For that is what this nonsense, along with the considerable associated expenditure which is certainly no joke, is all about.

  2. Reports which I barely understand of the BoE depressing bond prices by choosing to sell back into the market just around the time of the Truss/Kwarteng mini-budget might suggest it is not just in thrall to Stonewall.

  3. In Imperial China, eunuchs were entrusted to run the functions of the state.

    It didn’t work out very well.

  4. Gender identity is whatever you say it is

    OK, but if gender identity can be anything, then it means nothing. Gender identity can therefore have no privileges or protection under the law.

    The word gender ought to be excised and replaced with sex in every official document.

  5. “In Imperial China, eunuchs were entrusted…”

    Well at least they couldn’t make a balls of it.

  6. I had assumed that all this trans stuff was to allow the blokes to access female privileges, Penseivat.

    Of course as Trump pointed out to Pocahontas, the girls can do this sort of thing as well.

  7. Somewhere there is a cute video of the perennially losing motorbike racer who decided to self identify as a bicycle racer, and then started entering and winning bicycle races on his motorbike. The other racers were not, of course, permitted to object.

  8. In Imperial China, eunuchs were entrusted to run the functions of the state.
    It didn’t work out very well.

    Probably nothing to do with gonad removal but rather just being a naively entrusted group. Lazy arabs who entrusted the running of their businesses to Pakistanis quickly found themselves not really owning their businesses anymore ( . . .”but Moslems”). Roman emperors ended up being chosen by the praetorean guard. Russian generals sold their armies’ kit. British Ministers of the crown do not run their departments or even set policy anymore.

    It’s not ball-lessness; it’s being a bunch of cunts.

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