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The Secret Diary of Charlotte Owen, aged 30¼: ‘I’m a Barbie girl, and a baroness.’
Catherine Bennett
The former Boris Johnson aide has taken her seat as the youngest life peer in British history

That the first husband picked up his peerage 13 years after the divorce clearly still rankles with Ms. Bennett.

9 thoughts on “Tsk”

  1. Not content with having a ‘challenged’ teenage school dropout lecturing the world about climate, we now have a 25 year old MP and 30 year old life peer giving us all the benefit of their knowledge of the world and their pearls of wisdom of how the world should be run.

    I’ve always wondered at what age do you stop learning, becoming wiser, smarter, more knowledgable?

    The young seem to know all the answers already and consider us old crusty’s stupid. (OK, i’ll give you Biden. Oh, and Mitch Mconnell – his brain freeze this week was epic).

  2. p.s. Mconnell = he went quiet in the same manner a 2 year old goes quiet when having a dump into their nappy…..

  3. Barbie Girl is she? So without that piece of womanly equipment men seek to enter. So the only member of the HoL you can’t accurately call a c***. We’re in groudbreaking territory here.

  4. Did the Guardian write such a catty (and frankly overtly sexist) article when Mhairi Black was elected to Parliament aged 20?

  5. The best thing to come out of the French Revolution was the abolition of the peerage, but two centuries later the Brits haven’t caught up yet. Even our esteemed blogger is fond of preceding names with Lord, Sir and Dame whenever he deems that his superiors consider it necessary. In the slang of my long-ago youth we would have said that Charlotte thinks that her arse doesn’t stink.

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