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Children target corner shops to buy vapes because of lax ID checks, academic says
Study finds children are twice as likely to go to small shops to buy vapes than they were in 2019

Err, the modern world has become so detatched from reality that it requires an academic to tell us this? Or academia has become so that an academic thinks we need to be told this?

15 thoughts on “Umm, yes?”

  1. Corner shops, eh? Are we talking journalistic code for Pakishop here? (Not saying it’s easy enough to find a small shop that isn’t one in many English cities) They’ve always been known for selling anything to anyone, so them flogging vapes to under-age kids doesn’t in the least surprise. I saw the one near where I used to live selling individual fags to school kids. As it also did bottles of that high voltage cider shit. Got itself turned over by HMRC one eventful day. Since it was well known for under the counter smuggled fags, be a surprise if they didn’t find any. There were certainly large unmarked cardboard boxes being carried out. But mysteriously it retained its license to sell booze & fags. Or maybe they just changed it to a different Abdul.

  2. To quote a former colleague from Chobham, when I mentioned that apparently a professor of engineering from Brunel had summarised his report as that the majority of vibration in armoured vehicles came from the engine and “ground irregularities”, the answer may be obvious, but it takes a professor to prove it 🙂

  3. “Most academics are out of touch with the real world and have little useful to say about it.”

    (This view, of course, is not conventional among academics, most of whom fancy themselves as possessing deep insight into, and special knowledge of, the workings of the economy and society. In addition to these absurd fancies, most academics also believe – even more absurdly – that they are of nobler and purer character than are the icky likes of entrepreneurs, investors, and other profit-seeking business people – people who are actually willing and able to be productive in ways judged as such by real-world consumers; ways that not one academic in 500 could possibly pull off. Academics, in general, – and like politicians – ought not be taken seriously. A shockingly large number of them are ignorant and officious fools.)

  4. @anon
    You have a university system that breeds them. Oxbridge particularly. So it’s necessary to address the root of the problem?

  5. BiS

    Your Paki shop kept its licence because the unmarked boxes went straight to the cop shop, and then provided a nice litle earner for the crooks in blue.

  6. The corner shop I remember from the very early 1960s was run by a disabled Pole called Leo – before the Pakishop takeover, or maybe so far from civilisation (Pembroke Dock) that even they turned their nose up at it. Anchor tipped were 1/10d for 20, which I seem to remember was the price of a pint of bitter in any pub I frequented from the age of 14 where being served was never a problem. “Are you open?” “You got money, boyo, I’m open.” School uniform and short trousers? No obstacle. So much for licensing laws. Just not on Sundays.
    I seem to remember that cigarettes were also sold in 10s and 5s.
    The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there. (L. P. Hartley, The Go-Between).

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    The Bridge shop in Pickering, run by a little old lady, used to sell us individual Players No 6 (IIRC) in the late ‘60s. Can’t remember how much though.

  8. “Top boffins claim to have discovered something that everybody already knows” is a favourite template into which the media can crowbar scientific stories that no-one will understand if they report them properly. If you want to know what an academic paper really says, you have to read it yourself.

  9. Excavator Man, I remember buying 5 Park Drive for 1/1d and after D Day, a sweet shop that sold single fags for 2 New Pence.

  10. The sweet shop at the top of my road wouldn’t sell them when it was run by “Taffy”, it changed policy and sold single fags (5p each ) to lads in their school uniform when Mr Shah took over.

  11. Re the selling of single fags. Historically it was common. I used to patronise a highly prestigious tobacconists in the City that did so. Both for customers who only wanted to buy a single cigarette, maybe to enjoy after lunch. Or to experiment with a different brand. It was a service tobacconists provided. I really couldn’t tell you what the law was over the selling of tobacco products to kids at the time. If there was one, maybe it prohibited the sale of cigarettes for the consumption of children below a certain age. As it was pretty common for parents to send offspring out to buy fags for them. And I had little problem buying a pack in the school lunchbreak being a pretty obvious 14 y/o in school uniform. And yes, they did sell some of the popular brands in fives. Personally I bought 20s or even 50s, as being an early entrepreneur I was flogging them to schoolmates as singles at a hefty mark-up.
    I’ve an idea that flogging singles was legislated out in the early 80s? With 5s at the same time or a bit later? Then 10s were banned much more recently. Here, the only place you can buy tobacco products apart from machines are licensed “estancos”. There are no tobacconist newsagents or cigarette selling “corner shops”. Much like France’s tabacs. Estancos out in the boonies certainly still sell singles but the Spanish boonies mostly live in the 50s.

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