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Well, no, not really

The Tories’ great tax conundrum
Bitter party divisions are developing over monetary policy as the next election looms

Taxes are fiscal policy. Monetary policy is, well, it’s monetary policy.

4 thoughts on “Well, no, not really”

  1. I suspect that it’s really all about how much they’re going to steal and who they’ll swipe it off.

  2. That’s in the Torygraph not the Graun. Even more depressing. I think people now reckon “monetary” policy means anything to do with money or taxes. But such people surely shouldn’t be writing for the business and economics section of a major national newspaper?

  3. What fiscal policy giveth, monetary policy taketh away.

    If you give people tax cuts, interest rates would have to rise higher than would otherwise be the case.

  4. The idea usually runs the other way. If you wantto reduce inflation cut spending and or raise taxes. If you want to stimulate the economy (not what we need right now) then yes, reduce taxes or increase spending.

    The effect is through changing the size of the deficit (or surplus, but who am I kidding with the existence of one of those?)

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