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35 – 7 against the All Blacks, eh?

That’s, umm, fairly dominant.

4 thoughts on “35 – 7 against the All Blacks, eh?”

  1. As noted previously the imminent RWC with Ireland, NZ, SA, France and Scotland, the best 5 teams in the world, all in the same half of the draw looks ever dafter and dafter.

    On the plus side we have 3 absolutely cracking games in Pool B to look forward to.

  2. Cracking game. ABs would have beaten England by a street even with 14 men.
    2 yellows = red. Will Scott Barrett get a ban?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    At the moment everyone is beating England.

    A we’ll deserved win for Fiji as yet again England started well and then fell apart. It’s going to be a short World Cup for them.

  4. Winner of pool C (Fiji if they beat Australia and / or Wales) face runner up of pool D (England if they lose to Argentina, beat Japan and Samoa)
    Not a sure thing that England even get out of the weakest pool, of course.

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