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A specific little problemette

The web team has told me that if the alternatives for GA operate in the same way that GA does, then it wont work.
It’s a bit technical, but basically GA has the code placed in the tag of the website’s html file and this allows it to work and collect data domain wide, ie,
If we can find one’s that can instead be placed in the tag, then it could work only for Finance pages, but our web team doesn’t know of any such alternatives. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I’ll relay the info over.

Anyone know of such a stats counter?

4 thoughts on “A specific little problemette”

  1. The question is scrambled. What does “If we can find one’s that can instead be placed in the tag” mean?

    I use, which is free for the amount of analytics I need. It’s a bit of javascript at the end of the body.

  2. Not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve – but would using a sub-domain, ie., and a spot of buggering about with the configuration, allow you to stick a different tag in for GA?

  3. I seem to have solved that one by gaining access to GA for the site. Now I’ve got to work out how to use it…..

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