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Amazing shocker, eh?

Emma Raducanu stands at No 6 in the new Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid tennis players, with estimated annual earnings of $15.3 million (£12.2 million).

This is 180 places above her world ranking, which underlines Raducanu’s remarkable marketability.

Pretty bird gets well paid. We are all shocked at the sexism of the world.

Also, the naked racism of the capitalists, eh?

8 thoughts on “Amazing shocker, eh?”

  1. Female sports related – I wondered how long it would be before women fucked up football. Didn’t take long did it?

  2. The Women’s Super League, so popular with the public that one live match will be shown every week on bbc plus two more on sky, starts its new season on 1st October.

    Let’s see what crowds they draw and, more importantly, what total gate receipts.

  3. Well done Emma.

    She was lucky at the USOpen but her dad sounds like a shrewd businessman.

    Stay injured and then go on the telly. Retire at 30.

  4. Maybe she should start an OnlyFans page? Might bring in more money than the Tennis. Then again, I doubt the sponsors would be happy, so maybe not.

  5. Anna Kournikova used to be the best female tennis player in the world, but now it’s Emma Raducanu.


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