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An arbitrage opportunity

If you can trade it that is

Silvercorp is bidding for Orecorp.

There is an arbitrage here if it’s possible to get the stock dealing in right at open before market prices start to adjust. It’s even possible to do it all on the New York markets. Short Silvercorp, long Orecorp. That’s the situation now, before New York opens at least. It also depends upon the willingness to speculate upon such bids among junior miners. But the price gap is there at our pixel time.

Right now there’s 20% in that. By lunchtime, well, who knows?

3 thoughts on “An arbitrage opportunity”

  1. When I used to do this sort of thing it would be to trade against the trading of those were trading after reading the article. So sort of one level down. Depends on how big your readership is, doesn’t it?

  2. Not the market I play in. Lack of information. Any market price is not the value of a commodity, but the opinion of people in that market. So trading on that, all the information’s in front of you, simply in the prices & the trading. You just need to know how to read it.

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