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Bit of a surprise

Owen Farrell free to play at World Cup after red card rescinded
England fly half was facing six-match ban after sending-off against Wales on Saturday – but panel overturned the card instead

Mystifying in fact.

14 thoughts on “Bit of a surprise”

  1. ‘The Committee found that a late change in dynamics due to England No 2’s interaction in the contact area brought about a sudden and significant change in direction from the ball carrier.

    ‘In the Committee’s opinion, this mitigation was sufficient to bring the player’s act of foul play below the red card threshold.’

    And there go our chances. I was hoping Ford would be fly half for the duration.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    This stinks to high heaven. Isn’t there anyone in the RFU with the slightest shred of integrity?

    Farrell had gone in to that tackle in completely the wrong body opposition and had no hope of making a legal challenge.

    I agree with Philip, his playing style, petulance and poor tackle technique make him a liability. His idiocy meant we lost to Wales in the RFC and we’re knocked out at the group stage and it’s likely to happen again.

    Not that we have much chance either way, but that’s a different issue.

  3. Martin Near The M25

    This underlines the pointlessness of most regulations. It’s an incredibly tough regime:

    Regulator: Have you been naughty?
    Water Companies: No!
    Regulator: Right, carry on!

  4. He’s consistently dirty and, anyway, a dull-as-a-dog fly half. I wouldn’t pick him.

    Why the panel ….. Hang on: “the all-Australian panel …”. Ooh, the cunning swine.

  5. I don’t get what’s come over England in the last few tears. They seem to have been trained by the ghost of Don Revie

  6. BiND spot on re Farrell’s body position and intent going in to the ‘tackle’. He had no intent to use his arms, it was meant to be an intimidatory shoulder charge with a v high risk of head contact, regardless of where Basham’s head ended up.

    I have defended Farrell against the ABE lot in the past but I’ve long since had enough. He doesn’t have the sense or leadership skills to be captain. England were under pressure, in need of tactical brains and leadership; all he had to offer was mindless aggression.

    He has almost always failed to recreate his club form with England and too often plays turgid defensive rugby. His tackling makes him a liability and the way he speaks to officials costs us with refs.

  7. Steward was lucky not to see a red card as well.
    It’s a warm up match, performance more important than result. If England show the same levels of indiscipline when it matters…
    Feltham Black Sheep (the scratch XV from a Young Offender institution) gave away fewer penalties.

  8. The world cup groups are hilarious being based as always on seriously outdated rankings,

    The top half of the draw you have France, NZ, Ireland and SA plus Scotland for good measure while the other half has top seeds England (LOL) and Wales (also LOL) plus Oz and the then world no. 8 team Japan.

    At any other time being in the right half of such a lop-sided draw would mean I’d really fancy our chances of reaching the final. But this is 2023 and we’re far from sure to top a weak group headed by Argentina and Japan before the inevitable embarrassing loss to Wales or Oz finishing the match with 14 men or less. What an opportunity about to be missed.

    P.s. yes I agree with Philip and others. Farrell’s red card was a tiny glimmer of hope which has now been dashed.

  9. Steward started to bring his arms around which for me showed intent to tackle, without that I’d have given the benefit of doubt on timing leading to a collision. Should have been a red not a yellow.
    As for Farrell it’s a farcical decision especially as he has form for this with the most recent disciplinary offence being within the last 12 months. Innocent mistake defence only works for first offence

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s a brilliant meme going round the rugby blogs: a picture of Trumps demanding someone gets him Farrell’s lawyer.

    And let’s not forget Farrell go his last downgraded to 2 match ban if he went on a course to learn to tackle, that one match reduction meant he got to play in the first 6N game.

    And I still blame the RFU despite it being an Aussie panel, they paid for a very expensive barrister to look for loopholes in the laws. If they had any integrity that would have accepted the decision of the “bunker” process which was looking at what World Rugby is trying to achieve in terms of player safety.

  11. Isn’t this rather common in sport these days? You have sport as sport. In this case 30 oafs running around a field in pursuit of a pig’s bladder. And sport as entertainment. Which is theatre. And includes the hordes of people, not the 30 oafs, expect to be paid. So maybe, in theatrical terms, you don’t sideline your leading man (in the thug role) & put on the understudy? Main purpose of any sport is to sell stadium seats & TV rights. What goes on on the field of play is an inconvenient prerequisite.
    The above is why I have almost zero interest in watching sports. I suspect lot of the drama is contrived. This particular incident seems to have garnered several miles of column inches in the popular press. Otherwise I wouldn’t even have known the match had been played.

  12. In the other Rugby which us northern oiks prefer, there were handbags in the Challenge Cup Final, when the big tough men of Hull KR objected to a tackle around the knees…eh?!?

    The only player likely to be injured was Asiata as he got his head the wrong side.

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