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Blimey and good grief

Heyu Biological Technology Corp develops and manufactures new medical products, the Submillimeter Wave (Terahertz) Quantized Space Therapy Chamber (Chamber).

Real company, worth $200 million on the OTC market in the US.

Heyu Biological Technology Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in research, development, and manufacturing of healthcare equipment. The company is currently focused on developing Submillimeter Wave (Terahertz) Quantized Space Therapy Chamber, a medical equipment designed to treat cancer through cold nuclear fusion caused by cosmic ray muons in an enclosed chamber. The company was formerly known as Pacific WebWorks, Inc. and changed its name to Heyu Biological Technology Corporation in June 2018. Heyu Biological Technology Corporation was incorporated in 1987 and is based in Xiamen, the People’s Republic of China.

Err, yes.

32 thoughts on “Blimey and good grief”

  1. You’ve got cold fusion, tera-something and a cure for cancer. Who wouldn’t invest in that.

    Oh, and it’s from China. Bonus.

  2. I think we have to recognise that there can be societies where truth and honesty are paramount and nobody ever lies. I remember reading about it. I know it only happened once in all of history and I think the population was exclusively homosexual, or something like that. Oh. wait, it was about fairies – sorry chaps…

  3. Could you send me the a/c no. and sort code please so that I too may take advantage of this wonderful investment opportunity. No need for a receipt.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Like those waving arm electric cats infest Chinese homes. Something churned out of factories in their billions has mystic powers?

    Chinese are f***ing weird. A medieval society with high tech grafted on.

    As for veracity. From experience of buying stuff on AliExpress, it’s not much of a feature. But in how many societies is it? Certainly not anything African or Islamic. The theory at least seems to be confined by a line across roughly half way up Western Europe & stretching across the Atlantic. Maybe a few pockets in other parts of the world. And it’s not even prevalent there.

  5. As for the device itself, I’m trying to work out exactly what the difference is between it & a ticket for an airliner.

  6. Salesman leans on large tubular object : “Well mate, it’s yer muons innit? I mean you can have all the purest palladium in the world and a big cloud of gaseous plasma, but without the muons… Well you haven’t got an earthly, have yer ? Damn clever these Chinese.”

  7. The Chinese are amateurs at this, their lies are usually crude and obvious.

    Compare and contrast with Euan Blair’s “£1.4Bn” “tech” startup that has never made a profit or annual revenues of over £27m:

    “This is an urgent cause: when we polled our apprentices, around half weren’t using ChatGPT in their daily work. That’s a massive missed opportunity which, unless corrected, could see them falling behind. We shouldn’t leave it to chance, and instead go out of our way to ensure workers have the skills they need to capture the benefits of these tools”

    That’s right, their business plan involves charging people good money to show them how to use a free chat bot that generates false information.

  8. Steve

    It’s all because Blair jr isn’t harnessing his muons properly. His dad should have taught him that.

  9. I wonder whether there might be more money in a therapy chamber guaranteed to purify the patient’s body of cosmic ray muons.

  10. Remember how, only a few short months ago, billions firmly believed that Governments and vaccines and face masks were essential to save us all from an early grave.

  11. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Otto, we really should be fairer to Blair in hindsight. All of his successors worldwide are making 700 million quid for a tent in Greenwich look like great value.

  12. We all know the power of the Zodiac has not been fully harnessed with many people taking holidays where they shouldn’t and missing out on holiday romances they should have had if only they’d had their charts done by the latest AI technology. (Astrological Intelligence)
    Invest in AI Zodiac Limited, ticker LON : AIZO, and reap the rewards.

    Read our prospectus at

    Free muon and tau for early investors. We’ll even throw in a lambda.

  13. For sale. One cosmic ray gun, colour red. Full working order. Ideal for shooting intergalactic muons or little brother. Not for indoor use.

  14. One might hope that these people really would get into an enhanced muon flux. Nasty things, muons. They may have been instrumental in past global extinctions and produced by unfortunately directed (for Earth) Gamma Ray Bursts.

  15. @TG As far as I’m aware, muons are the product of “cosmic rays”. (Relatavistic protons) ie particles not electromagetic waves – therefore not “rays) colliding with an (earth) atom.

  16. One particular cosmic ray particle was recorded as having the energy of a 5½ ounce baseball thrown at 56 mph. Not bad for something far far smaller than a single atom.

  17. Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation and turned into The Hulk.

    Now his trousers don’t fit.

    He keeps on getting arrested for exposing his muons.

  18. Reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon;

    Dilbert; Is it risky?

    Dogbert: Are you kidding? We have actual brochures.

  19. Remember how, only a few short months ago, billions firmly believed that Governments and vaccines and face masks were essential to save us all from an early grave.

    A lot still do.

  20. BiS: Gamma rays hitting the atmosphere will do all sorts of nasty things to the oxygen & nitrogen atoms, including generating muons. And it’s apparently them that do a lot of the damage rather than the gamma rays directly, which the atmosphere absorbs pretty effectively.

  21. Quite right, TG. And muons have about 200 times the mass of an electon. So you’d need a strong bag to keep them in. None of yer plastic. Something in home bleached & woven sisal?

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