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Cry for help

Paedophile changes gender before court case
Sophie Carter, formerly Dominic, attends court in a pink T-shirt and shorts after being caught with 11 indecent images of children

Well, that’s what I’d try if I were the lawyer. Viewing the images was really, when considered in the round, a cry for help. Not that it would help much but then these days – now we’re a little more robust – is the pink t-shirt.

8 thoughts on “Cry for help”

  1. Pity we can’t raise this with “to know me is to love me” Carrie as no facility for comments over there.

  2. “Sophie” has a beard. A proper one.

    Infuriatingly, and pathetically, the Telegraph refers to him as “her”.

    When are we all going to wake up and say “What the hell were we thinking?”?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    He’s a kiddy fiddler and now transgender.

    Excellent, the call for kiddy fiddlers to have their nuts cut off as punishment can be carried out, will please him and satisfy those calling for it.

  4. P.s. I see that the nasty piece of work (kidnap and attempted murder) who recently encouraged his fellow freaks to “punch a f***ing TERF in the face” has been acquitted as m’lud believes he was just being funny.

  5. I have a joke I just know the legal wankers would find hilarious. Before I try the experiment does anyone here know if Interpol is still a thing?

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