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Germans never really had understood markets

Olaf Scholz is considering imposing a three-year rent freeze on Germany’s landlords as his ruling Social Democratic party attempts to ease the strain of the cost of living crisis on tenants.

Landlords could be forced to repay rents deemed “usurious”, if the rate charged is more than 20pc above the typical local level, in areas with limited supplies of homes.

Ludwig Erhard was possibly the lsat one who did.

11 thoughts on “Germans never really had understood markets”

  1. The context is the deindustrialisation of Germany as the Krauts impose something very like the Morgenthau Plan on the curdling remains of Deutschland.

    Wonder what they/we are going to do when they no longer make anything of value to export, are up to their oxters in unserviceable debt and have a quarter of a billion young diverse enrichers expecting free bed and board, trainers and fiki fiki for the rest of their naturals.

    Going to be exciting, isn’t it? Lol.

  2. ‘Lisa Nandy said: “When house building is falling off a cliff and buy to let landlords are leaving the market, rent controls that cut rents for some, will almost certainly leave others homeless.”’

    One does wonder how long she and Labour’ll stick to this one.

    Definitely not if Olaf Scholz gets away with it, I’d say.

  3. You’d have to work very hard to forget the unforeseen yet entirely foreseeable impact of the recent Berlin rent controls.

    Like all disastrous policies of the left, they failed not because they were misconceived but because they were not properly implemented.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    After demanding the shutting down of their Nukes the Greens are now demanding that electricity prices to industry are subsidised and the SPD Children’s minister has just won a battle to get FDP Finance minister Lindner to cough up an extra €8bn. They’ve been getting around a lot of their problems by creating special funds, but the audit office has just waded in:

    “Federal Audit Office:

    “Special funds endanger parliamentary matters
    Budget Law and Effectiveness of the Debt Rule””

    All is not well in the German government and they’re having a 2 day conference to sort themselves out.

    Meanwhile their economy is tanking way faster than ours.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    More problems for Lindner and ammunition for the AfD

    “ JUST IN – Germany’s left-green-liberal govt to increase the Bürgergeld, basic income for people without work, by 12% from January 2024.

    Benefits paid to asylum seekers in the form of money must also be increased by 12%, BILD reports.”

  6. “ Ludwig Erhard was possibly the lsat one who did”

    And he of course was a Bavarian, so arguably not really a German.

  7. MG: Can’t the UK Conservative Party get itself banned? In its current state I can’t think of any more useful purpose for it than martyrdom!

  8. And he of course was a Bavarian, so arguably not really a German.

    “A strange fellow, your Bavarian – halfway between an Austrian and a human being.”
    Prince Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (1815-1898)

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