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I am pleased to share with you that The New York Sun, one of my daily must-read papers, is now the exclusive publisher of my regular columns.

I invite you to consider joining the Sun to receive unlimited access to my latest commentary, alongside some of the finest American journalism.

Glad there’s an “alongside” in there.

From a PR email. No, not revealing the columnist name, but one of those I’d, umm, to put it delicately, not pay to read.

Also, email merge does work. Therefore “Dear Sun” is an error.

5 thoughts on “Hmm”

  1. If I read the offer correctly before it disappeared into the ether that would cost one cent per day, about the price of half a pint for the whole year.

  2. Read the offer John. Bit further down. Unlimited access $120/year. As is often said “Ye don’t get owt fer nowt”

  3. Does “now the exclusive publisher” mean the same as “their appeal is becoming more selective”?

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