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Hmm. Might keep quiet about this

Holidaymakers have been warned to expect flight chaos until the end of the week following “a network-wide failure” of the UK’s air traffic control system on one of the busiest days of the year.

Thousands of passengers were stranded at departure gates after a fault at National Air Traffic Services (Nats) forced controllers to manually process flight plans on Monday morning.

More than 500 flights were cancelled by early afternoon and hundreds more delayed, leaving passengers stuck abroad with no flights back to the UK for up to a week.

The grandkiddies leave at crack of sparrowfart Thurs morning. Well, hopefully they do…..

4 thoughts on “Hmm. Might keep quiet about this”

  1. As with last time, I really do not understand this “network failure” thing. How on earth does Glasgow going down mean that Gatwick also goes down? Does it spread alphabetically?

  2. Rumours on The Times that the problem started with an “incorrectly filed flight plan by a French airline”. Sanitise your inputs, people! Jeez.


    There’s essentially one overall ATC computer system for the UK. The clue is in the word National.

  3. I still haven’t heard whether it is world, or European, wide, or just affects the UK. If the latter, the cynical side of me suggests that, if it was a fault in a French flight plan, Micron and the rest of his government are laughing their socks off.

  4. I flew out from Edinburgh Airport on Monday at 07:00 on time without any problems. Only found out about the so called chaos after arriving in Beziers, France.

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