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How much would it cost to recommission HMS Belfast?

France stops fewer Channel migrants – despite £480m funding from UK
Just 45.2 per cent of those trying to cross Channel have been halted, even with extra financial support from Britain

We’d be able to get her back to sea and firing for that wouldn’t we?

Hell, for that much we’d be able to get Victory back to sea. And wouldn’t that be a sight to see?

28 thoughts on “How much would it cost to recommission HMS Belfast?”

  1. Getting Victory back to sea would have the second benefit of annoying the yanks, as then the Constitution would no longer be the oldest commissioned warship still afloat.

  2. Just think. All Hitler had to do was to send the Wehrmacht over in small boats, and the RNLI would have done the rest. Stoopid Kraut!

  3. Don’t need to recomissiion anything – run a couple of frigates (oh, do we have any?) up and down the channel at 30 knots and the wake will sink the bastards.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    480 million quid?

    What are you thinking?

    That won’t even pay the consultants fees to consult for the consultation to consult on the most appropriate way to tender for consultancies to consult on the consultation for the tender process.

  5. You could try towing the boats back to France. But I’m sure that the Frogs’d be most energetic in towing them back to the UK again.

  6. If you still have landing craft tenders, just hoover them up and take them to Edinburgh. I hear the Scots are very welcoming people.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    That reminds of the recent article I saw. The mayor of New York, a proud sanctuary city, was complaining that the migrants that were being sent up from the south were costing his city too much and asked the souther States to stop sending them.

    It goes without saying there wasn’t much sympathy in the comments.

  8. What beats me is why anyone expects the Frogs to make the slightest effort to stop the boats. These people are leaving their country, after all. Of course they don’t care.

  9. BiND,

    He is also reshipping them off to upstate New York which has gotten him crossways with the Governor in Albany.

    Much popcorn ensuing as lefty fights lefty.

  10. Incentives matter. The French get the cash irrespective of their success at stopping migrants. However each migrant that leaves is one less problem for the French to deal with. There must be a value to that.

  11. How do the smugglers get paid: on delivery or per departure
    You’ve got to figure this out before deciding the best intervention.

    I would tow them from Calais to Dover to Calais to Dover to Calais and so on until we have figured out what the hell is actually going on. Are you a victim of persecution fleeing for your life from France or not. A bit of to and fro across the channel might help you free your mind to giving us an answer and the details of the smugglers you paid would be nice gentlemen.

  12. I support the Scots solution. Holyrood keeps insisting it wants immigrants, *and* it wants refugees and asylum seekers, so give them a fast-track ride to Port of Leith and standard “register at local polis weekly” stamped on their documents.

  13. I wonder what would happen if Border Farce or the RNLI simply returned these invaders back to France, possibly with the comment, “These nice people got into difficulties during a day trip from Calais. As there were no French boats around, we thought we’d help them back to their homes. You’re welcome.”
    Would the French seize the boats? If they did, then there would be no British boats around to ‘rescue’ the next lot of invaders. It’s not as if British boats being in French waters was a problem, as they were first on the scene a short while ago, hovering around only 3 miles out from Calais. Just wondering.

  14. @ Penseivat
    I wonder what would happen if Border Farce or the RNLI simply returned these invaders back to France

    We can legally do this under international maritime law. Gov’t know this, but are too weak to do it as EU would be angry

    GB News and TakTV regularly report this

    Unless we do this we must take them following May signing UN Migrant Compact treaty in 2019. The treaty also bans use of “illegal immigrant” – they are ‘migrants’ or ‘irregular migrants’

    Take Illegal Immigrants Back To France

  15. Why is it OK for British people to migrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, the USA, and Hong Kong. But if migrants come to Britain, they get abused by racists?

  16. Maybe all the people with British ancestors should be forced to move back to Britain. Or is that racist?

  17. @Barry Stupid Troll
    Why is it OK for British people to migrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, the USA, and Hong Kong

    Because each are approved to immigrate into those countries

  18. Pcar the Evil One ; I am not a troll for disagreeing with you. You can’t just call anyone who disagrees with your warped views as a troll, and then stick your fingers in your ears and squeal.
    The natives of Australia, Canada, the USA, and China, did not give British people permission to migrate to their lands.
    So I ask you again, why are the Brits allowed to migrate, but nobody to Britain? And try and make coherent sense this time.

  19. Brits speak the lingo, have skills, and are less prone to rape and blowing shot up. But despite this they can’t emigrate to any of those countries without going through the proper channels, you stupid cunt. Mate of mine made it to NYC via Canada – just never went home – and did car work but he was always looking over his shoulder. Eventually he married a septic to get his permissions.

  20. Interested S*um. Britisb people do migrate to countries and have migrated in their millions to other countries. How are you so thick you do not know that? I suspect you are either too terrfifying or too pathethic or both for people to tell you the facts. Take the red pill.

  21. ‘’

    Sounds as though the solution is to outsource border control to the Saudis.

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