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How weird are these people?

Stephen Nolan, the BBC presenter, sent colleagues sexually explicit images of a reality TV star and sex offender, it was alleged on Tuesday.

Mr Nolan, Northern Ireland’s most influential media personality and the fifth highest-paid BBC star on £400,000 a year, allegedly said he would send further pictures of Stephen Bear’s penis unless the disgraced celebrity was booked on his show.

Bear was sentenced to 21 months this year for two counts of revenge porn and one of voyeurism after he circulated footage of Georgia Harrison, his former girlfriend who later won £200,000 compensation, engaged in sexual activity.

Other than “very” that is?

18 thoughts on “How weird are these people?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Watching TV rots your brains. Working in it is worse.”

    Indeed. We should shut the BBC down in the interests of the health of its own staff. Its not like this is a one-off.

  2. A couple of years ago Nolan made an excellent podcast which dared to criticise the bbc’s close relationship with Stonewall. For that at least I’m prepared to give him a pass on sending a few dick-pics, which almost uniquely in the genre were not of his own member.

    Anyway I’m sure coverage of this unsavoury behaviour will be quickly air-brushed as per Huw Edwards.

  3. I do wonder if he was trolling the BBC management/production team, after all given the context of the case he could claim that he was including relevant information and if they interpreted any sexual intent that was bad of them.

  4. I always thought the recruitment policies of the Black Broadcasting Company were 1) Diversity, 2) Diversity 3) Diversity. It seems it’s a bit more complex than that. 1) Length 2) Circumference 3) I’d better stop, I think I’m getting carried away…

  5. @Craig Parry Tank: I think you’ll find it was the Queen who knighted Savile (and probably knew how to spell his name.)

  6. It was the Tory Party that knighted Savile.
    And Savile campaigned for the Tories.
    Read it up. Take the red pill.

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