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I welcome discussion and disagreement

Most of the abuse has not, of course, appeared on the blog. I do not want to waste people’s time with it. I provide a moderated safe space for comments to be made precisely so that the commentary on this blog is worth reading, as many tell me it is. These trolling comments degrade that experience, and so I delete them and block those making them.

Except when the discussion disagrees with me.

One blogger, I am told, has written about 5,000 comment posts on what I’ve had to say without ever once adding any value to debate, except to his band of right-wing followers.

Tells us then.

8 thoughts on “I welcome discussion and disagreement”

  1. The trolls should be aware that a number of things will always identify them for what they are. Amongst the characteristics that make clear that they are not here to add to constructive debate are comments that suggest:

    They’re very disappointed in me, expressed in deeply patronining terms.
    I am a failure.
    I do not know what I am talking about.
    My proposal will not work, without suggesting why not or offering an alternative.
    I am just wrong.

    There are numerous variations around these themes. They will all result in deletion.

    So he welcomes debate but only if you start from the premise that his beliefs are holy writ? No wonder Pilgrim Slight Return is so prolific on there.

    The comments have come from tax haven governments, other governments, the Big Four firms of accountants, tax specialists who claim that they know what they’re talking about, commentators of a right-wing persuasion, and many others.

    Interestingly two of his leading critics were James Meadway and John Mcdonnell – I guess the ‘many others’ category covers them.

    I was right on tax havens and won the argument.

    I was right on country-by-country reporting and its technical feasibility, and I won the argument.

    I was right about the possibility of automatic information exchange from tax havens, and it has happened.

    I was, with others, right about the need for a Green New Deal, and still am.

    Far be it from me to question his claims to rectitude but it was truly great to welcome back one of the all time great commentators on this blog, Noel Scoper yesterday. His summary of Murphy’s achievements might make people sceptical of how ‘right’ Murphy is:

    It’s been a while so time to catch up on the success of Ritchie’s ideas…

    The Fair Tax Mark (now Foundation) is 10.5 years old. 89 companies registered now, some have clearly given up on it. Stunning. (Trying to recall the business plan, 100 in year 1 and 500 by year 3?).

    Progressive Pulse has long been one bloke talking to himself. The fall out with the funder, Peter Dawes, was very funny.

    Tax Research Wiki. Just laugh.

    Finance for the Future – no posts since January, a vehicle to collect grants that can’t be given to individuals.

    Corporate Accountability Network – no news since 2021. Surely not another vehicle to collect grants that can’t be given to individuals?

    I guess if your business model is to grab as much cash as you can from left-leaning trusts and funds to save for your pension, he’s achieved that.

    You could add his Youtube videos, CLASS and Sustainable Cost Accounting among many other boondoogles. People don’t seem to be buying what he’s selling…

  2. Martin near the M25

    Comments are always welcome from the likes of:

    – Erich Honecker
    – Egon Krenz
    – Saparmurat Niyazov
    – Enver Hoxha
    – Zhang Chunqiao
    – Zhou Enlai

    Among others the famously historically ignorant Ely blogger lets ‘slip through’;

    But he has blocked over 20,000 people on Twitter, correct. On the blog it must be many, many more

  3. Reading your blog has led me to have a look at Murphy’s. God, what stupidity! And among the comments too. I didn’t bother trying to comment, I would only have been instantly banned.And yet he seems to have readers/commenters. What a lot of people resent others wealth.

  4. V-P – I think I introduced the GDR Nomenklatura and I worked through a good few of them including also Erich Mielke, Markus Wolf, Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler because I felt they would be happy to be commemorated there. My favourite and unlikely persona was Florence Foster Jenkins who always stoutly rejected discord.

    A post can be slipped in like a well lubricated suppository if it appears at least superficially to flatter the tuberous ego. I once suggested that he was omninescient and he lapped it up.

  5. TMB

    Absolutely – my ‘alterego’ is still tolerated as he’s too stupid to realize the reference – and although there’s a limited number of posts by him, he always reflects the Orwellian work from which he’s derived.

    Quite amusingly, having got exasperated at work I posted under the same moniker as here having been (At least I thought) banned nigh on a decade ago, but he picked it up and did actually enact a ban on that email address. It merited a mention here..

  6. Amusing to me anyway, V-P et ors, I did make some posts under a female pseudonym out of an e-mail addy from a domain I webmonkey. Which weren’t deleted & went to pixel. On a couple of them I also completed the ‘website’ entry on the webform. So he was running a goto to a hooker advertising site. I’m thinking it was probably the most useful information ever carried on TaxResearchUK. And last time I looked, they were still there in the comments.

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