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Third, this proposal is intensely discriminatory. Most women would prefer to see a woman GP. Women consult GPs far more often than men. What Streeting is suggesting is that women GPs should work much harder than men, which is both utterly unreasonable and would drive women GPs out of the NHS.

The majority of GPs are women which solves that one.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    He’s quick to point out when people have a vested interest so I think this is one case where it is reasonable to bring his wife in to it and point out she is a GP.

    I bet he didn’t declare his vested interest when starting that blog?

  2. Women consult GPs far more often than men.
    We should be told why. Are they more unhealthy or more hypochondriac?

  3. The fact that the majority of GP’s are women is half the problem: they all want to work part time, but complain endlessly about even this. One example ranted to a close female relative she was “really stressed” until the latter pointed out she only worked two days a week 🙁

  4. @Philip
    It doesn’t have to be either or.

    I’m my experience, women are usually more fragile and have more things going wrong / more illness.
    But they’re also more willing to go for nothing or very minor things where most men don’t want to get prodded and just deal with things until they get better.

  5. Seven GPs at my local surgery – Six are female (and all part-time). The lone male is a recent joiner. It had been female only since before lockdown.

  6. It would be nice to actually see ANY GP. When I called into my health centre to collect a prescription the waiting room was empty, the screens at reception were pulled up, and the only suggestion that they MIGHT be accepting patients was the touch screen to announce your presence. Aaaand the chemists still had the plastic Covid screens hanging from the ceiling, and a notice saying “Payments By Card Preferred” along with an additional note saying they hoped to be cash free within 12 months. Yet another bunch aiding and abetting the imposition of CBDC!

  7. Saw an interview with a striking Doctor, she wanted a doubling of the time per patient and a 35% pay rise.
    So 50% less patients and more cash …… delusional

  8. GPs are self-employed. If they want more money, just pay themselves more money. If they want less work, just assign themselves less work.

  9. @jgh,

    Yep, the bastards can pay themselves more, but I doubt if (because they are idle bastards) they can work less hard!

  10. They’re hilariously inefficient.
    Or would be hilarious if it wasn’t so bloody depressing.
    Friend needed a health sign off from GP for DVLA, because of a condition that has passed but took him off road.
    Three fucking months for a doctor to sign a form!
    Disgrace. I asked a GP about why doing things like this takes so long. They said that because it wasn’t caring for a patient they don’t like doing it because they want to treat people not be admin.
    I pointed out that keeping my friend (and no doubt others) like this causes them undue stress as he couldn’t get to work and thus made him ill again and isn’t helping him at all.
    Got a “we’re very busy though” boilerplate response…

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve just checked our practice website. There’s 3 male and 2 male GPS. It says the average salary is £45k, but it’s not clear if that’s FTE or not, my guess not. Two of the males have been there at least 13 years, the other who has Bein treating me is quite young so no idea. I assume the women are part time and I’ve lot track of how many we’ve had.

    When Mrs BiND needed a medical to keep her C1 licence it was closed as private and done on a Saturday morning and cost £100. Her GP told her they don’t believe it should be private and donate the money to the practice patients’ fund.

    It’s well run with 2 locations, ability to book physio and nurse appointments directly. They haven’t reinstated online booking since Covid but getting through never seems to be a problem and if you got something serious it’s possible to get same day appointments, if only a doctor calling back at some point.

    It’s in a village 5 miles away and there’s transport available if needed. The on-site pharmacy accepts online prescription orders and delivers to our local shop.

    As is well known the area is full of old people who are highest demand, but they still deliver this service and we very rarely hear complaints and when we do it’s from the professional moaners.

    I know it’s a nobody I know voted Nixon point, but I find it hard to believe this is the same NHS I read about.

  12. Just a thing about no one and Nixon. The actual Pauline Kael point was about the ignorance of the metropolitan elites. Nixon just swept the country and I know no one who voted for Nixon?

  13. It’s the same with the “*THIS* is what Britain looks like, bigot!” stuff.

    No, that’s what *LONDON* look like, moron! And the more you cram it in people’s faces, the more that *Britain* will declare that that’s *not* what they want.

  14. So, it’s discrimination if a woman wants to see a female GP and there isn’t one available.

    If, however, she wishes to see a BIOLOGICAL female, well then she’s a TURF and deserves to get her fucking throat cut.

  15. Google says that only 45% of NHS doctors are female (77% of *total* NHS employees are female. Dig a little deeper and you find that it says 18,900 GPs are female vs 16,800 male GP so 53% female. Statista disagrees with Google saying there are 35281 male GPs and 43,367 female GPs so 55% female. Quite why Statista thinks there are more than twice as many GPs as Google thinks is not something that I can answer.
    As females make up 50.6% of the UK population it is clear that (whichever is correct) there are more female GPs per 1,000 females than male GPs per 1,000 males.
    Based on my personal experience and observation I reckon that most men *overwhelmingly* prefer to consult a male GP.
    So women’s higher frequency of visiting GPs would have to be around 200% of the male frequency to make Murphy’s comment valid.

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