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Lordy be

Calling a trans woman a ‘w—-r’ is discriminatory because the insult is commonly used in reference to men, an employment tribunal has suggested.

The swear word is not a gender-neutral term and so using it against someone who has transitioned would constitute a breach of equality laws, a panel concluded.

Poe’s Law comes to mind.

26 thoughts on “Lordy be”

  1. Anyone who goes to a tribunal because they were called a wanker is a cnut.That’s as female specific as you can get. Even though they are still a bloke and a wanker

  2. I never really liked using “Wanker” as an insult. I mean, yes, it’s a nice aggressive sounding swear word but as a matter of fact it’s tacitly understood that pretty much every man actually is a wanker and most of us would disbelieve anyone who claimed they weren’t. That does rob the insult of it’s power.

    “And you’re not? What the fuck’s wrong with you?”

  3. “The panel members’ own experiences of use of that term is that it is applied to men, and that there are equivalent but different swear words that are specifically used in common parlance to insult women.”

    What is the equivalent female-specific swear word to “wanker”? If “wanker” only describes males who masturbate, what word only describes females who masturbate?

    Indeed, are there any swear words that are “specifically used in common parlance to insult women”?

    . . . dismissing her complaint about the near miss.

    Well, he’s nowhere near a miss, that’s for sure.

  4. Many Americans, particularly the under 30s, find the utterance of the word “Wanker” to be extraordinarily funny.

    However when questioned they are unable to explain why other than repeating “that English accent” several times which leads me to suspect they haven’t a clue, let alone care, what it actually means.

  5. It does occur that if this is indeed a transwoman, with an active sex life & attracted to males, this particular activity it’d wanting to be doing quite a lot of. One other option possibly not being available. So the case rather rests on whether it’s successfully trans.

  6. OT but this Torygraph front page speaks for itself.

    Waitrose hit by shortage of middle-class vegetables

    Paucity of customers?

  7. To carry on the hypothetical…

    “And you’re not? What the fuck’s wrong with you?”

    “Nothing. Unlike you, I can actually get women to sleep with me…”

  8. Calling a trans woman a ‘w—-r’ is discriminatory….

    Despite fact that women masturbate/wank too, as 4 yo are now being taught how to by Gov’t, WHO

  9. An update:

    Two German childcare centres in Nordrhein-Westfalen issue child sexuality manifestos
    Waxing poetic about the benefits of masturbation and outlining rules for child sexual play
    In its sexual education plan, the Catholic St. Rochus childcare centre in Kerpen promises to offer “children free space to experiment with their childlike sexuality. Masturbation is normal. Allowing masturbation” in day-care centres is “of great importance.”…

    Paedophilia is being normalised [again] by Left and RoPs

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