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Mealy mouthed corporate toss

Passengers were left stranded inside a bus by the landmark Angel of the North sculpture after the driver abandoned the vehicle mid-journey, reportedly saying: “You can stuff your job.”

Hmm, well, OK.

Go North East said it “clearly can’t condone the actions of this driver” and that it will “ensure the issue is investigated and dealt with according to our internal procedures”.

The firm added: “We can only apologise to any customers who were inconvenienced by this event.”

“Condone” “inconvenienced” “internal procedures”. Tossery.

12 thoughts on “Mealy mouthed corporate toss”

  1. I remember the story of the South African bus driver transporting a load of patients to a mental asylum. He stopped off for a beer on the way but when he came back found all the patients had escaped from the bus and disappeared. No problem, he simply stopped at a bus stop, picked up a load of passengers and took them to the asylum. It was a number of days before the authorities started to believe what the ‘patients’ were telling them and let them out.

  2. West Yorkshire Police said it “clearly can’t condone the actions of these seven officers” and that it will “ensure the possibly illegal arrest and detention is investigated and dealt with according to our internal procedures”.
    The Assistant Chief Constable added: “We can only apologise to any terrified autistic children and their parents who were inconvenienced by this event”.

    I wouldn’t be completely shocked if “Lessons would be learned”.

  3. ‘Probably a load of moaning boomers on board.’

    Being a moaning boomer myself, I must admit I found that comment entertaining.

  4. Whats the odds he been f*cked around with by some corporate tosspot of a manager for the umpteenth time, and had had enough?

    I have to say that the current labour shortage is rebalancing the workplace in a positive way. People who actually do the job are in short supply. Wankers (who almost certainly have degrees) who want to sit in offices (or ‘work’ from home) and pretend to work are not in such short supply. So the actual workers for once have the upper hand. More power to their elbows. If it means walking off the job because some idiot manager is behaving like a mental defective, then good for them.

  5. It sounds like one of the stories from If the driver sends it in I’ll post a link.

  6. Of all the places, on all the roads, in all the Counties – to be stranded next to that rusting, ghastly pile of ugly, pseudo-artistic junk.

  7. I started reading a piece in the Telegraph today about a KC who had run an inquiry into some earlier NHS death camp – earlier, that it to say, then the Lucy Letby case.

    I gave up when he referred to “learnings”. Though as corporate toss goes it has one potential advantage: surely nobody will refer to the learnings learned going forward.

    Also, disgracefully for a man in his seventies, he says “like” when he means “as if”. Though I suppose that could be the fault of the journalist.

  8. On the Letby case (and other NHS scandals), do the laws on corporate manslaughter apply to the NHS? And if they do why are they never invoked for such cases? For example in the Mid Staffs case its estimated a minimum of 400 people (and up to 1200) died as a result of the failings of that hospital. If Tesco managed to kill 400 people through their negligence I think someone somewhere would be having their collar felt.

  9. @Stonyground – There’s a picture in the news. So it must have happened.

    @john – spot on with the re-wording.

  10. As regards the Letby case, can you say convenient scapegoat – oh look a squirrel-
    “Why is it police have focused only on the 1/3rd of infants who died at CoCH during 2015/16 that they could, in some cases only quite tenuously, link to the sometimes inconsistently reported presence of Lucy Letby?

    Where are the investigations of the other 2/3rds of neonates that died on the neonatal unit at CoCH and who doctors and police admit, did so in sometimes very similar circumstances and even in the months after Letby was removed from clinical practice?
    Why was the hospital building so quickly scheduled for a complete refit and remodel, and then so rapidly moved along for complete destruction and replacement?

    Why is it similar unexplained deaths continued in the months after Letby was removed from clinical practice and no longer had access to the unit?

    Why is it these excess deaths only stopped after the aged consultant, Dr Gibbs, had retired and was replaced? What relationship does the fact that he was ‘one foot out the door’ for most of the period have to the entire collection of neonates who died in the unit?

    Is it possible, as I have previously demonstrated, that there are other causes for these neonates deaths that remain hitherto unexplored?”

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