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Novo Integrated

The interesting question here is whether the management know what they’re doing or not at Novo Integrated Sciences:

On the grounds that what the company is proposing is – to us at least – several variations of advanced fee fraud. Note that we are not suggesting that the management of the company is fraudulent, only that they seem hopelessly credulous. As if they’re standing on a street corner holding out the corporate wallet and saying “Help yourself”. This is not what we want from people with a fiduciary duty over our money.

3 thoughts on “Novo Integrated”

  1. Something got banged into me by a successful journalist used to scribble for the tabloids. Always write to the level of your reader. Never above him or around him. He is your consumer. Bearing in mind your market, ‘a long handled shitrake’ might chime?
    Why I always dislike those Latin bon mots (please don’t someone else point out the contradiction) some people like to season their stuff with. It’s basically aimed at ex-public schoolboys, now at least in their forties (saying “Look! I’m one too!”?) And why my solicitor got a one sentence reply to the invoice he sent me. “If you want to get paid, itemise.”

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