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One of those little stock market things

Interlink Electronics (NASDAQ: LINK) stock is down 90%. This is a tremendous buying opportunity. No, really, we’re very sure of this. The only major problem that we really see with this advice is that it’s going to be near impossible to actually buy any Interlink Electronics stock at this bargain, low, price.

No, it doesn’t matter what Interlink does. As it happens it makes force sensors but that’s just not what the issue is. You can read more about all of that here. What matters is that someone has made a mistake. Well, we assume it’s a mistake, although some people do try, sometimes, to deliberately engineer these price movements.

One single trade, of 18 shares, at 10% of the actual market price at the time. Fat finger. But if you can buy at the fat finger price then why not?

4 thoughts on “One of those little stock market things”

  1. Two people have made a mistake, Tim. Remember every market transaction has to have two sides.

  2. At 5,30 am in a low volume stock it’s a ‘bot. And why would a ‘bot regard being able to buy a $9 stock for 90 cents as a mistake? Because it’s sure as hell not going to sell a $9 stock for 90 cents is it?

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