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Really? My word

Third of working tenants in England ‘lack savings to pay rent if they lose job’

Sounds astonishing. You mean peoples’ incomes fall if they don’t work?

17 thoughts on “Really? My word”

  1. Why would they need to save, lose your job then claim housing benefit. The government does the saving for you

  2. Inflation of 6.8%, rent rises in nominal terms of 5.3% means reduction in rents, in real terms, of 1.5% on average. 45% of tenants have had no rise even in nominal terms.
    Shelter claims that 34% could not afford to pay any rent out of their savings – either that means that they have chosen to have no savings or that Shelter is lying.
    The latter is obviously the case when Shelter says that 3.4 million are one paycheck away from losing their home – it takes months to evict a non-paying tenant and means-tested JSA and UC both have a Housing Benefit component to pay the rent. Oh it’s the Grauniad! Truth is so scared that they don’t let their pages contaminate it.

  3. Another benefit of unlimited immigration – high rents because of shortage of housing and pay held down by a cheaper labour source.

  4. “The government does the saving for you”

    Well, not really; when did government ever save anything?

    The government will borrow the money for you, against future tax revenues, hoping in the meantime to debase the currency so much that the loan basically disappears.

  5. Theophrastus (2066)

    Cry me a river. Such people may have no savings, but they’ll probably have little impulse control expensive trainers, expensive tattoos, a huge TV, too many children…and smoke, be obese and be welfare-dependent. “O Brave new world that has such people in it.”

  6. I know these stories are only anecdotes and people send them in because they think that they are entertaining but it is a surprise that these kinds of people stumble through life while never having any money?

    I have one of my own. New guy started working in the warehouse at my place of work. Tuesday of his second week he comes to work stoned. You aren’t operating fork lift trucks while off your head on drugs mate, on your bike.

  7. Agree why some are permanently poor is down to a lack of forward planning and a connected poor impulse control.

    Working summer job in US car rental place. Get a week of training first with other summer employees and two black women hired a perm staff. Day three one of the women doesn’t turn up until lunchtime with shopping bags. She’s been out spending her new income. She was walked out of the room and fired, never to return.

    Needless to say the actual employees were much more conscientious regardless of skin tone.

  8. Harry Haddock's Ghost


    Charles appears to have found a magical pillar of economics where only the laws of supply, and not demand, affect prices.

  9. Third of working homeowners in England ‘lack savings to pay mortgage interest if they lose job’

    Sounds astonishing. You mean peoples’ incomes fall if they don’t work?

    However, unlike tennants there is no state help. Conservatives aboliished all mortgage interest support in 2018, even though it was ~20% of cost of rent if rehomed

    “Buy your home” and be homeless if… lose job, lockdowns, jab dissabled….

    I know five families hit by this. All now in rented accomadation paid for by state. Rent is x4 to x8 more than their mortgage interest support was. Pure Envy Politics from socialist fake Tories

    All now feel no point in trying to succeed

  10. Well Charles. I’d say the moral of this tale is ‘Don’t rent out your house.’ It’s not worth the hassle and persecution.

  11. ” Quite apart from those preventing enough being built, we also have this sort of thing:

    Hmm, I wonder if Jaydipkumar Valand is one of the Suffolk Valands, or maybe from the Somerset branch of the family?

    One of my theories is that the reason we are seeing such a war on landlords is that in inner cities you have immigrant landlords behaving exactly as this one has, like a slum landlord from the 1950s. Its not surprising the authorities are wanting to crack down on such behaviour. Behaviour we wouldn’t have of course if such people weren’t here in the first place.

  12. Jim

    Considering the shrieks in Oz about the housing shortage, the 900 000 odd they intend to import this year, the government just passing a law to confirm that, if you’ve studied in Oz, you have a right to claim a permanent visa, I can comfort you with the knowledge that you’re not alone.

  13. @bloke in spain – “Really valuable people, immigrants, aren’t they?”

    Yes. Cost next to nothing and work very hard. What’s not to like?

    @Boganboy – “I’d say the moral of this tale is ‘Don’t rent out your house.’”

    That is a very sensible position. Especially in the current regulatory climate which is imposing ever larger burdens on landlords for no reward.

    @Jim – “Its not surprising the authorities are wanting to crack down on such behaviour.”

    Indeed. If the authorities were competent, such tenancies would not exist as they would be driven out by better ones, so their existence is a testament to how badly governments run things.

  14. “Yes. Cost next to nothing and work very hard.”

    Wouldn’t mind a citation for that, Charles. If you please.

    Also, what’s the cost/benefit analysis for having thousands of young girls raped/abused en masse by Pakistani immigrants?

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