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Really now?

Spud was actually predicting deflation, was he?

Prices are falling, as was always expected to happen now, irrespective of interest rate rises.


9 thoughts on “Really now?”

  1. Are prices falling? Adjusting for seasonal variation where applicable? I haven’t seen the slightest sign of it. Or does he mean the rate of inflation is lower? Does he even know what he means?

  2. We all mock Murph, though some argue that he’s only ignorant, stupid, and malevolent while others think he’s declining into insanity.

    But have we considered the possibility that he’s actually an experimental chatbot? I wonder whether this could be a clue:

    ‘The French pronunciation of ChatGPT sounds identical to “Chat j’ai pété” meaning “Cat, I’ve farted”.’

  3. Well commodity prices are falling. But oddly enough prices in the shops aren’t. But no profiteering is happening, no not at all, as our host keeps telling us, so it must be true.

  4. If he had started the phrase with “Some”, he would be right. But he didn’t, so he’s wrong.

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