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Calling a female civil servant a “clever woman” is not sexist, a tribunal has ruled.

Christine Rodgers tried to sue the Ministry of Defence for sex discrimination after a senior Army officer made the comment.

Lt Col Simon Watkins, the commanding officer at the MoD’s Defence School of Transport (DST), said Ms Rodgers was “a clever woman” but could be “manipulative”.

So when is it that we get to tell our servants to grow the fuck up?

7 thoughts on “Sheesh”

  1. Clearly his remark was an allusion to that common phrase “Stupid woman!” and therefore is intolerable. He should have been punished. On the other hand calling her “manipulative” is simply a suggestion that she has what it takes to climb the greasy pole of army life and is therefore praise indeed.

  2. I must admit, I have used the words ‘clever’ and ‘smart’ to describe people so fucking sure of their own intelligence they can’t be told anything.

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