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Since when did we have censorship?

The short version is that if you know trans people, you’re much more likely to oppose hateful anti-trans legislation.

This is why they want to ban books about or by us, and why they want to erase us from public life. Because as the cliché goes, to know us is to love us.

Ban? Erase? Whut?

28 thoughts on “Since when did we have censorship?”

  1. Isn’t it a problem when you want to identify as a member of a persecuted minority and people just refuse to persecute you?

  2. Transphobia is like homophobia *fear* of sexual predators.
    Does Bigmouth not understand what “phobia” means?
    As a “normal”, “cis-hetero” male (the word “normal” is not often applied to me in other contexts) I grew out of these phobias shortly after I became aware that sexual predators existed, as soon as I was confident that I could fight back long enough to be rescued. I have a trans friend, a cross-dressing friend and several celibate friends who would otherwise (and by some still would) be categorised as homosexual.
    I continue to favour legislation that forbids “Bigmouth” to use women’s changing rooms.

  3. Dennis, Cishet and Whatnot

    Because as the cliché goes, to know us is to love us.

    That’s a crock of shit, Carrie, and you know it. Christ, could you be any more disingenuous? Or sanctimonious? Could you be any more desperate for approval? Just go about your business and stop demanding that we love you.

    You know, it could just be that you’re flattering yourself about people not liking you because you’re trans. Perhaps people don’t like you because you’re a self-indulgent, self-pitying pain in the ass who can’t think of anything other than yourself.

  4. “To know me is to love me” says the geezer in a frock.
    Unfortunately not the emotion the majority of people are reaching for, I suspect.
    Revulsion might figure on the list, quite highly. One might ask the man in the street. When he’s stopped laughing.

  5. What anti trans legislation is being proposed? The only thing I can think of is banning surgical procedures being conducted on confused children. Which most normal people would consider a good thing.
    Most normal people would consider sending breast binders and puberty blockers through the post as crimes, but so long as crime pays it will continue, so I doubt legislation would have much effect there.

  6. ‘The short version is that if you know straight people, you’re much more likely to oppose hateful anti-straight legislation.’

    There, I’ve fixed that for him.

    And to repeat myself yet again, I’m quite prepared to put up with trans people, but they also have to put up with me. Which he obviously considers a ghastly imposition.

    As for the rest of them, I’d bet that they are as uninterested in me as I am in them.

  7. The problem is the trans activists including those who are trans and those who aren’t trans, actual genuine trans people I’ve met tend to be quite reasonable about the issues and just want to get on with life. If state it as the more trans activism you encounter the more opposed you become

  8. I have no idea how many “trans” people there actually are. Far fewer, I suspect, than “trans activists” desperately want there to be.

    Do I know any?

    If I do, they keep it to themselves as they should. Their “trans” is of no interest to me certainly, and not much to anyone else and there is no reason to broadcast it.

    These “trans” activists need to realise that the world does not revolve around them. Or they’ll wake up one day and find that it does, but not in a way that will do them any good.

    Live and let live. Most of the tiny minority that actually are seem to manage it. But, alas, the tinier minority are totally hell bent on provoking the majority.

  9. Mark, a quote* ” Wanted: Small minority to fuck it up for the rest of us”.

    *Someone (I believe it was Jimmy Carr), ran a series of small ads in the papers. Also, “For sale Washing machine, good condition, KILL,KILL,KILL”. There was another about 100 Chinamen wanted for an elaborate practical joke…..
    Possibly the only time he has been funny.

  10. Adolff, watch Carr’s interview with Peterson (on the latter’s utube channel). My opinion of him has gone up since I did.

  11. If a man wants to wear a frock, BiS, that’s fine by me. But he doesn’t then get to follow me into the ladies. That’s not fine.

  12. I’d certainly crowdfund a campaign to send Carrie over to Eastern Syria to lecture ISIS or suchlike on ‘transphobia’ – sadly ‘Jihadi John’ isn’t around to be persuaded but Hopefully someone else will ‘step into the breach’.

    What a contemptible human being. Might be worse than Murphy or even Owen Jones.

  13. They have to manufacture their own pretend persecution in order to justify their threats of, and actual, and violence.

  14. Most of the people undergoing the transitioning are mental.
    All of the people performing the operations are evil.
    Most of the protestors are not remotely interested in the issue either way, they just want to give western society a good kicking as it lies in the gutter in its death throes.
    Same with the riots over the scumbag Floyd.
    This is an interesting thread on twitter, both for the details of the story and the reaction from the evil and the mental:

  15. If a man wants to wear a frock, BiS, that’s fine by me.
    It isn’t fine by me, Julia. I was brought up with the principle that the truth is important. Lies destroy the society you live in. Ultimately, the only thing you have as value is your word because without it, everything else is valueless. And I think most people believe similar, although they not put it as bluntly.
    The whole concept of trannydom goes against that. I am not going to accept this frock wearing tosser as a woman because he’s lying. Expecting me to go along with his fantasies is a direct attack on me. I also have a friend who’s a tranny. Although the word here is travesti which is much closer to reality. Thanks to a great deal of money in surgery, he convincingly presents as a late 20s, very beautiful, Brasilian woman. And if you want to go along with that fantasy it’s up to you. First time I met him I said you’re a hombre, aren’t you? I can spot trannies at a hundred metres in bad light. He replied yes. He wouldn’t have been a friend if he’d said no. He’s never made any secret of what he is. You take it or leave it. I respect that. I have zero respect for that whining be-frocked tosser. He stands for everything I detest & I’d tell him that to his face. As I have the odd mincing Brit travesty who turn up here. I don’t give a flying fuck for laws. The laws are a direct attack on individuals’ autonomy. It’s not the wearing of a frock. That’s just a piece of cloth. It’s everything else goes with it.

  16. The Meissen Bison

    Since when did we have censorship?

    It’s hard to put a precise date on it. Self-censorship has been a growing phenomenon since the beginning of the 2000s coinciding with the rise of political correctness.

    The other day there was talk on a thread here of Paki Shops and that’s an expression that now simply isn’t acceptable although it’s both descriptive and without stigma. What follows from this is the endless trigger warnings for those people who have grown up in the linguistic rain-shadow of modern expression.

    Concerted censorships enforced by governments, social media, supra-national organisations and academia is now widespread thanks, in the first instance to climate alarmism and subsequently to covid. It’s a dark period.

    One day TheScience™ will have an entry in the OED, Stonewall will have no corporate subscribers, the climate rather than the science will be settled and the madness will be over.

  17. Theophrastus (2066)

    “Most of the people undergoing the transitioning are mental.”

    Indeed. Identifying as something you fundamentally are not is a sign of mental illness.

  18. Also, as to when we have had censorship – of what, by whom?

    Direct obvious censorship by the government? We’ve had that for ages, and to be honest some of it I support. I don’t want child porn available.

    But lately there’s a lot of hidden censorship – try publishing a book about how mental trannies are and see how long it gets stocked anywhere, Amazon included.

    It’s not technically censorship if you can publish it yourself, I suppose, but when the police call round and arrest you, and Coutts debank you, and your employer sacks you, what’s the diff?

    See also the ongoing CIA/FBI/MI5&6 (usually successful but entirely non-coordinated or conspired-upon) attempt to censor social media content, including that of Nobel prize winners, leading journalists, doctors and scientists, which conflicts with various approved narratives.

    If the Ukrainian secret service has a direct line to the FBI, via which it can demand that what it calls pro Russia material, including basic reportage written by US and other journalists, is deleted from social media, and the social media companies play ball, is that censorship? How about when that escalates to the Ukrainians going direct to Facebook?

    If the president of the USA can be kicked off twitter over an entirely fabricated ‘Russia collusion’ story dreamed up explicitly by his political opponents, and created with the active assistance of the FBI, and a major New York newspaper’s twitter account can be suspended over its entirely accurate expose of the contents of the laptop owned by the corrupt crackhead son of his major election rival, which show him waving a gun while smoking crack with nine year olds dressed in lingerie, and indicate that he and the rest of his crooked family have received millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, Romania and others, is that censorship, or something else?

    If a reporter like Matt Taibbi – who angered the State by pointing out that the Russia collusion story was bollocks, and then by questioning the covid bullshit – can have the IRS call round at his house, in person on Christmas Eve, just as he is testifying to Congress about the weaponisation of government, was that designed to shut him up? Who told them to do it? Is that censorship?

    It is going to be extremely interesting to see how Berenson vs Biden et al, Missouri v Biden and others play out.

  19. @TMB

    Self-censorship has been a growing phenomenon since the beginning of the 2000s coinciding with the rise of political correctness.

    Yes, this is an important thing. My kids are very ‘based’, as the moderns have it, but they have to be very careful what they say at their university, and on social media, and they’ll have to be careful at work.

    It’s not that the baleful eye is always upon you, it’s that if you give it any cause to turn to you it has awful powers, and the cunts on the other side of the lens are truly evil.

  20. When you exclude porn from school libraries it isn’t banning books.

    When you prohibit genital mutilation of children it isn’t hateful or a phobia.

    When you prohibit exposing children to live porn (aka drag shows) it isn’t hateful or a phobia.


  21. @TMB: ’Self-censorship has been a growing phenomenon since the beginning of the 2000s coinciding with the rise of political correctness.’

    Oh, indeed!

    Getting into a discussion recently on my work Yammer book reading forum about the trigger warnings on novels with ‘outdated attitudes and language’ I had to be VERY circumspect about how I phrased my objections…

  22. “to know us is to love us”

    Dunno, I don’t know Carrie personally but I’ve read the posts he publishes.

    I’ve moved from indifference, through mild dislike, then aversion, then animosity and am approaching detestation.

    So from my remote position he’s had the opposite effect.

  23. TMB. The last time I saw it going round Central London, the official car of the Pakistan embassy (High Commission, I can never remember which) had the registration plate PAK1. If they’re happy with the word, so am I. I’d say everybody else is wrong for being so sensitive. Grow up.

  24. Another couple of things. I call pakishops pakishops because most people know what I mean. We’re supposed to use an entire sodding sentence? I actually grew up with pateleries, because in those days they were E. Asian Indian & every other one of them seemed to be called Patel. Riffs off French I s’pose.
    Aussies & Kiwis don’t seem to mind contractions. The second’s not even a contraction but a rather dumb bird. Should a Pakistani be prosecuted for using Kiwi, though? On the current form it’s an outright racist slur.
    Our version of the foreign run small shop here are Chinese. And they are everywhere. They are commonly referred to by everyone as the chino. Uncapitalised because in Spanish only names take the capital

  25. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ When you exclude porn from school libraries it isn’t banning books.”

    In most cases it isn’t even that and your line could/should be rewritten :

    When you move porn from the children’s section to the adult section it isn’t banning books.

  26. why they want to erase us from public life. Because as the cliché goes, to know us is to love us.

    I’ve no problem with blokes in dresses. We’ve had one that worked behind the counter of the local homeless shelter, pop on the frock and Martin became Martine. No problem at all. Lovely chap/chappess.

    Where I’ve got the problem is sex offenders (both convicted and not) and rapists donning a frock to silence criticism / dissent, prey on the weak and vulnerable (women/children in changing rooms) and generally trying to normalise the degenerate (children placing money in the panties of drag artists).

    I have no problem with those over the age of adult responsibility doing whatever they like with those of a similar age, but with a lot of this stuff it’s just corruption and designed as such “To outrage the normies”.

    As for their forced inclusion in female only spaces, again, it’s the “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” thing and it’s been a metaphor since forever exactly because it is a recurring threat. That women are compelled to silence by the presence of a “Bloke in a frock” is outrageous and explicitly made so.

    However, it seems that no-one will speak up for the “silent majority” save the usual suspects like Jordan Peterson, Nigel Farage, Lawrence Fox et al.

    This is why the Tories (in name only) deserve to lose every election until they remember the meaning of their own name.

  27. @John Galt – “it seems that no-one will speak up for the “silent majority” save the usual suspects…”

    For a silent majority, they’re surprisingly vocal.

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