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So, about corruption and government in West Africsa

There’s a certain problem for Atlantic Lithium

Someone’s getting greedy out there. But is it the official government or the unofficial one?

7 thoughts on “So, about corruption and government in West Africsa”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    It could be all about bribery, this is West Africa.

    I doubt whether readers of the Dhaka Tribune need to look as far as West Africa for a culture of bribery.

  2. No connection with corrupt, incompetent governments of course, but have you seen the Scottish government is looking for a new non-exec for their island ferries?

  3. Generic resource nationalism? So, the Official Government (as it seems the Bill still has to be approved by Parliament/Assembly/Whatever) later this year.

    Anyway, Atlantic have an Exploration Licence, but no Extraction Licence? So the field could just go to the highest bidder anyway?

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