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So, not very expert then?

A professor accused of fraudulently claiming to be of Native American heritage has agreed to resign after complaints from colleagues.

Andrea Smith is an ethnic studies expert at the University of California, Riverside but had been dogged by allegations of lying about having Cherokee ancestry.

If you can’t accurately define an ethnic then how can you study one?

20 thoughts on “So, not very expert then?”

  1. If you declare legal or quasi-legal privileges for a particular class – be it racial, ethnic, religious, social, or whatever – then you must expect people to fake entry to that class. Coz incentives.

    Even if the class is just fatsos: ‘Accidental shooting at baseball game after woman hides gun in her “fat folds”‘.

  2. Smith, who wrote an essay in 1991 accusing white women of wanting to “become Indian” so they can “escape responsibility and accountability for white racism”

    Why is America like this?

    Why can’t they be normal?

  3. Answers:
    Because this cunt lives there.
    Most of them are.
    Why is the UK like it is?
    Why can’t Brits be normal?

  4. @ dearie me
    If reparations for the slave trade were ever to happen we will get a vast number of folk claiming to be black. One drop of blood etc. being the entry criteria.

  5. You used to hear stories of black people in the USA trying to pass as white. Literally never happens now. But we do see white people trying to pass as Native American or black. There was even an Indian chap who pretended to be black to get into med school. A recent mixed-race president declared himself black and more or less disowned his white mother.

    Yet we are supposed to believe the US is a white supremacist dystopia.

  6. I was entertained when the Aussie government began paying abos. It was customary to claim the Tasmanians had been exterminated.

    But once they began shelling out the cash, the number of those claiming a drop of abo blood zoomed.

    Such is life.

  7. So the professor lies about Native American heritage, is called out by fellow professors, but ultimately is allowed to finish their contract and “After her resignation date, Smith will be eligible to retire as emerita professor and receive UC benefits, according to the agreement.”.

    So, absolutely no downside for the professor. Again, incentives matter.

  8. This is verboten.

    However blokes claiming to be women and vice versa is just fine and dandy. Some barefaced lies are more acceptable than others and must be be acknowledged, celebrated and revered by us bigots.

  9. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Why is America like this?

    She’s academia, not ‘Merican.

    There’s a difference, and the difference is important.

  10. Dennis – I’ve listened to Americans (and it’s usually Americans) saying retarded things about race all my life.

    And I’m not a young man.

    This is mental, and your country started it, before going on to even crazier obsessions about how women can have dicks.

    You should send us a fruit basket by way of apology. Include some kiwis please.

  11. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    Dennis – I’ve listened to Americans (and it’s usually Americans) saying retarded things about race all my life.

    Well, we started out as Brits, so none of it should come as a shock.

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