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So, shrieking on Twitter works then

Dr Charlotte Proudman and I are sitting in a scruffy meeting room at Proudman’s chambers in the Inns of Court just off Fleet Street in London.

Say idiot things loudly and often enough on X and you get a full page profile in The Times.


10 thoughts on “So, shrieking on Twitter works then”

  1. The first paragraph is an embarrassing fan-girl description of her casual down-to-earth outfit complete with a childish and deliberately vulgar slogan t shirt.

    However the carefully posed photograph shows the rather hard-faced doctor in full court battle gear.

    And this is the person whose media career was launched by her indignant reaction to a harmless remark about her profile picture.

  2. Otto: She being a wordsmith, the correct use of English grammar should be second nature. However these days language usage seems to be very much a moveable feast even with journalists.

  3. Would it be very ungallant to notice that there is a cat (felis catus) in the photograph and to feel confident that there will be a succession of these in the years ahead?

  4. I have no intention of paying and as “unpaywall” only reveals a small portion of the article I just have the top photo.

    I can’t actually see the felis catus. Could you be referring to the jurisconsulti galero nestling on top of the chair?

  5. No, Bogan B, that’s her wig stand.
    (You’re right of course but she does have big ugly hands).

  6. She’s a narcissistic shitbag so widely despised that the Times online had closed comments when I looked this morning.

  7. If there were no misogynists among the hundreds of thousands of lawyers in the UK, that would be amazing. They would have to redefine the meaning of “misogynist” in order to pretend that it was a problem.

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