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Such a happy ending

Barack Obama wrote that he made love to men every day “in the imagination” in a letter to an ex-girlfriend that has surfaced 40 years later.

So there’s a marriage that worked out well then.

40 thoughts on “Such a happy ending”

  1. Rhoda K @12.29, Obama is still screwing an entire country and many would say a large part of the rest of the planet as well – Libya is his, Ukraine is his. Biden is nothing more than a puppet, collecting millions of dollars as a bonus.

    Mixed race, Kenyan, homosexual. No criticism of those statements, but the truth will out. Joan Rivers did not die in vain.

  2. I think it v unlikely that he’s Kenyan. But that leaves unexplained what he is so keen to hide about his birth certificate.

  3. In the first edition of his book Dreams From My Father the cover blurb states that he was born in Kenya, and he must have signed off on that. It’s entirely possible that he was lying for street cred, of course, and not imagining that he might one day have a shot at the presidency.

  4. The narrative still remains that it was Donald Trump who first questioned Obama’s country of birth although anyone with a functioning memory will recall that the subject was raised by Hilary Clinton campaigners in 2007-8 even though the lady was extremely careful to distance herself from any direct accusations.

    Then over the next 8 years the US media suffered from collective amnesia until DJT came along and started playing his mind games.

  5. His Dad was an African Big Man who didn’t want anything to do with him and his Mum was only interested in having sex with Third World men to piss off Daddy.

    Obama was raised by his grandmother, who he later publicly accused of Dats Raciss, because he’s black and it’s his catchphrase or something.

  6. Interested @ 2.13, his pamphlet for the law firm he worked for also says Kenyan born. I don’t care particularly much although the Yanks should. But they won’t cos he’s a demonrat.

    A failed Presidential candidate saying the election was stolen is being prosecuted for a crime.
    But not Hillary who did the same in 2016………

    A President having ‘classified’ documents (which is totally within his purview to declassify as President) is being prosecuted. But not then VP Joe Biden who also had classified documents (in his garage, next to his green Corvette, number plate ‘Big Guy’, who did not have the authority to declassify any documents.

    A President alledgedly (from hearsay, “I was in another room and think I heard him say on the phone”) offering quid pro quo to the leader of a sovereign nation should be impeached.
    Unless it’s VP Joe Biden, on YouTube saying “if you don’t sack the prosecutor investigating my son Hunter you won’t get $1 Billion dollars”.

    America being called a banana republic is giving banana republics a bad name…….

  7. Banana Republic?

    I’ll tell you how banana republics operate.

    On 30th October the Brazilian Presidential run-off election was held. Over 118 million votes were cast and counted. It was very close, the final vote tally was 50.9% to 49.1%. However by 11.00 that same evening the result had been called.

    Compare and contrast with the shenanigans which took place further North in November 2020.

  8. Sorry. I should have said the shenanigans which took place in just one city in each of five key swing states.

  9. As we found out last year, Britain doesn’t need vote fraud to ensure that voters are defrauded.

    Banana Kingdom?

  10. Sounds exactly the sort of letter any graduate tosser might write. Maybe he was trying to get into the girl’s knickers on the “look at how intellectually open I am” ploy. Grad girls go in for that sort of schtik.
    Sorry guys. Doubt you’ve got the smoking gun. Being a sick making creep unfortunately is still not indictable.

  11. I believe that BiS has exactly the right view.
    It’s almost certainly a form of pseudo-intellectual attempted impressioneering.And it probably isn’t even true.

  12. I am not gay. But I do not care if Obama was gay or straight.
    Obama is a good guy, who cared about the USA.
    There were lots of Scottish and English kings who were possibly gay.

  13. Obama is a good guy, who cared about the USA.
    Citations required for both assertions

    There were lots of Scottish and English kings who were possibly gay.
    “Possibly” is doing an awful lot of work there – but in any event, what of it?

  14. Obama is a good guy, who cared about the USA.

    To paraphrase Her late Majesty “Interpretations may differ”.

  15. Dunno whether Barry is gay or straight but he certainly was careful with his salaries he earned from politics. To spend $12,000,000 on a property that “98% of scientists agree” will be 800 feet underwater on by Friday week seems a bit extravagant…

  16. BiT – I believe that BiS has exactly the right view.
    It’s almost certainly a form of pseudo-intellectual attempted impressioneering.And it probably isn’t even true

    Pretending to be a homo (in 1983) to get girls… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I believe Obama when he says he has gay interests, because he looks like he does.

  17. Grist

    To slightly paraphrase a comment from Samizdata:-

    “98% of Scientists agree with whoever is funding their research”.

  18. Pretending to be a homo (in 1983) to get girls… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    An excellent time to deploy that tactic. Shirtlifting didn’t have anything like the approval it has now. (If it exists) Tolerance for homosexuals was legislated in. Not due to popular demand. So presenting the lass with the public spirited opportunity to lead a stray back to the heterosexual fold could be sound strategy. Surprised I never thought to use it.

  19. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    I’m sure Rocco could have made an entire series of films showing, in detail, how ladies might persuade gentlemen of the joys of heterosexuality.

  20. ” I am not gay. And it is homophobic bullying to call someone gay when they are not.”

    But given that we are told homosexuality is something to be proud of, how can being called gay be an insult? Are you implying that there is something wrong with being gay?

  21. Jim ; That is a defence loads of homophobic bullies have used for years.
    They bully their victim and call them gay as an insult. And then when the victim complains, the evil bully claims the victim of the bullying is the bigot for being offended.
    The fact is the bully is calling someone gay as an insult, so that is offensive, homophobic, and slander.
    I am not homophobic but i find it offensive and bullying to be slandered as gay.

    Gay people get discriminated against and attacked by bigots, in prison or in some sections of society. So I am not happy with someone slandering me as gay.
    Loads of horrible dangerous homophobic bigots regard all gay people as perverts. So i do not want to be in danger from people thinking wrongly that I am gay.
    For instance in prison being regarded as gay by other convicts, can be like being given a death threat.
    I am not gay. I am not homophobic. But I am not going to allow some bully to slander me.

  22. Joey, I’d argue that you’re a homophobic bully by implying that all those merry English monarchs were gay.

    Slightly more seriously, I don’t agree that Barmy was such a good guy. Since I don’t live in the US, I don’t have a clue about his domestic policies. But while I thought some of his foreign policies were a good idea, some were shit.

    The Arab spring was obviously his major error. If he’d just left well enough alone, there’d be fewer corpses and it’d have cost the US much less. Still by dragging the Saudis and UAE into the Yemen mess, he did improve the profits of the US armaments industry. Maybe that’s where he got the money from to build his seaside mansion.

  23. A note on the word “bigot”. It’s a meaningless expression used to devalue those who hold opinions different to the user. If people dislike homosexuality that’s their opinion & they should be able to voice that opinion in the same way as any other opinion. You can’t change people’s opinions by gagging them.

  24. Bloke in Spain : So you want to ban the word bigot. That is a repression of freedom of speech. Very Orwellian. What other words would you like to ban?
    Bigot is a very useful word to describe people who have hateful bigoted mindsets. Racism, homophobia, sexism, are all defined as bigotry.
    A bigot who hates all gay people, for instance is a bigot.
    I am not homophobic, racist or sexist.
    Bigot is a very useful and easy to understand term.

  25. Ban the word bigot?!?! Far from it. Perish even the thought. It provides so much valuable information about the user.

  26. Incidentally, did actually visit a “gay club” in Torremolinos, one night. Place is infested with them. It was the idea of one of the two girls (both bi-sex) were accompanying me. But despite having paid the 30€ entrance fees plus another 50€’s worth of drinks, we were requested to leave after about 10 minutes. In no option terms. Refunds for the entrance fees & unconsumed drinks were refused.
    So we know where to find your “bigots” don’t we?

  27. BiS

    Just as blacks can’t ever be racist then gays can’t possibly be bigots (except for lesbians who refuse to suck a deluded frock-wearing bloke’s dick, they’re definitely bigots).

  28. Bloke in spain.: Is someone seriously saying that if a gay person treats someone badly in a trivial way, that gives someone the right to hate EVERY single gay person. Grow up, and grow a spine.

  29. John and BIS;
    I am white, straight and male, but I hate bigotry.
    Racism, homophobia, and sexism are evil.
    We need to stamp down on bigotry.
    Look what the evil NAZIs bigotry did to Jewish people. Look what the evil NAZIs did to gypsies. Look what the racist South African governments of the 60,s 70’s, and 80’s did. Look at the racism in the Deep South in the 20th Century.
    Look at evil bigots who attack innocent gay people with insults and violence.
    Look at evil bigots who hate women. Look at wife beaters and evil people who discriminate against women. It was bigotry to ban women voting.
    Bigotry is an evil by bad people.

  30. So Joey, if we stamp down on what you hate, it’s not bigotry. But if we stamp down on what you support, it is.

  31. Joey @ 5.21, I look forward to seeing the results of you stamping down on the bigotry that is islam.

    The evil Nazi’s may have been bigots but you could argue they did what they did because they were socialists.

    And I don’t hate Owen Jones cos he’s gay, I hate him cos he’s a cunt.

  32. “The fact is the bully is calling someone gay as an insult, so that is offensive, homophobic, and slander.
    I am not homophobic but i find it offensive and bullying to be slandered as gay.”

    Methinks you are a bit conflicted here. You’re not homophobic but you find the idea of being called gay offensive and slanderous. Those two thoughts don’t really match up very well.

  33. Boganboy: I am not stamping down on hating evil. I hate evil, just as I hate evil bigotry. You are being existential and a nihlist.

    Addollf : Hitler admitted he was right wing in a speech. And Mussolini said he was right wing in the doctrine of fascism.
    You are being a nihlist, if you want to tolerate evil.

    Jim; I love women. But if someone claimed I was a woman, it would annoy and offend me. I do not hate gay people, but that does not mean, that I should allow bullies to call me gay.

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