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The rot is going deep, isn’t it?

Just this week, the New York Times was bashed for publishing an article ranking the five best clitoral vibrators, but never mentioning the word “woman” unless it were part of a vibrator’s name. Instead, the piece said the vibrators were for and tested on “people with vulvas.”

18 thoughts on “The rot is going deep, isn’t it?”

  1. Yarp, when we used to imagine The Future, it had flying cars and sassy robots.

    Zippertits was not on my list of predictions.

  2. OT but belongs here if anywhere.
    Behind a paywall but what you’ll see of the article will be sufficient to get the gist.

    Saw this yesterday & it reminded me I needed to replace my steel toecap DM’s the last pair having expired after 20 years (Note to self – wading rivers & the shallows of the Med is possibly not in the design spec) And I recoiled in horror when I discovered they don’t make them any more. The nearest is “safety & non-skid” but lacks the foot protection. There are things that I’ve been wearing for virtually all of my adult life. They’ve been the standard footwear for a certain sort of geezer for far longer than that. Real men who do things where large heavy objects can drop on your feet. Bikers, truckers, construction workers …. Sure you can buy “industrial” footwear with integral protection. But they look like trainers or hiking boots. And nothing says tosser more than men over a certain age going around in sports footwear. Unless they’re a rap-artist where the tosserdom can be assumed without lo9oking any lower than the face. One notes that the DM ranges now include varicoloured, patterned (with roses!), platform soled even!
    And here’s the thing. Something they share with Converse, another seminal brand. (and another I’ve been wearing for most of my life. I currently own several pairs of Chucks both leather & canvas in assorted colours). Go look at their websites & the weird & wonderfuls are being strongly discounted down & below 50%. The classics are undiscounted. DM (without the steel 🙁 ) at over 200 sovs. Chucks at 120 for leather/suede, bit less for canvas. Which tells me that what the cognoscenti buy. For these things have class for those who appreciate the better things in life. You could wear either for a weddding FFS! They’ve been worn for ennobling ceremonies at the sword of the late Brenda.
    Why do these companies have their Bud Light moments? DMs are not for fairies (kicking the shite out of fairies maybe)

  3. “…they might work just as well with the meat and two veg!”

    There is a spot near the tip which is commonly referred to as the banjo chord which will bring you off if you press a vibrator against it. Apparently, I read about it in a book.

  4. Bill, you have my profound gratitude. These do indeed look like the goods. There are dagos who will now not have to go unkicked (For these are the things that can get one out of that tricky situation. For that one does not want “safety non-skid”. One needs lethal)
    Do they come with your personal recommendation as to quality & durability?

  5. Why do these companies have their Bud Light moments?

    Because the people who run them fucking hate you.

    Hope that helps x

  6. BiS, I would not comment on their suitability for kicking people but I have had three pairs over the years and been equally happy wearing them in warehouses and on trade floors.
    One minor negative, over a decade ago I had a pair of their six-eye derby boots resoled for about £30 but I cannot find anyone local who offers it now.

  7. “nothing says tosser more than men over a certain age going around in sports footwear”

    Actually nothing says plantar fasciitis more than men over a certain age going around in sports footwear.

  8. @Stonyground, I think you mean “banjo cord.” A banjo chord needs a minimum of two strings. On the other hand, if the author you were reading had two frenums, good luck to him.

  9. I had a pair of their six-eye derby boots resoled for about £30 but I cannot find anyone local who offers it now.
    Yeah. That’s what eventually put the coup de grace on the DMs. Split across the sole. I’d had the same experience with what were supposed to be a good (certainly ruinously expensive) pair of high buckskins. Soles became detached on both. (So much for wanker labels for B Ark people) 40€ repair bought me one use during which they detached again. Shoe repairers these days aren’t. Currently performing adequately for strolling between bars thanks to an adhesive used in swimming pool repairs. But I wouldn’t trust them in the environment they’re supposedly sold for.
    There is nothing more instructive in those occasional social confrontations than a crushed instep or shattered shin bone.

    I would have said pain to the eye rather than the foot, dearieme. Fresh out the box they say n***er enrichment & three months worn, dosser who hangs round the off license. Between, “I shop at Pull & Bear”. Can’t help note, they’re very popular with UK politicians these days. Says everything.

  10. And if you’re serious, dearieme, they’re not actually very good for your feet. Your feet are supposed to work, not be supported. Or the muscles & ligaments get weak & you get foot & lower leg problems. And the stink when people take them off is telling you something.

  11. Because of knee and foot problems I wear trainers, but a type of Skechers that look quite nice and untrainery. Naturally they have stopped making them, so I bought a job lot over the Interwebs.

    I would rather wear brogues.

    I also have some Skechers “working shoes” which are also v comfortable and have chunky treaded soles. But not steel toe capped alas.

  12. @ dearieme and bis
    What age? One of my older friends does 50km walks, so sports footwear is essential.
    Not wearing sports footwer would almost guarantee plantar fasciitis

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