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This is my shocked face

Two arrested on suspicion of arson at Crooked House pub

No, no, not the suspicion or arson, the arrests.

As they weren’t misgendering someone on Twitter then why did the police bother?

12 thoughts on “This is my shocked face”

  1. The Morning Advertiser is reporting Arson with Intent to Endanger Life which seems a bit of an additional wrinkle.

    Unless that’s the bog standard charge.

  2. As the hotel was empty, whose life was endangered?
    Genuine question
    OTOH, good that the suspected arsonists have been arrested

  3. I suppose the argument may be that deliberately setting a building on fire endangers the fire services who have to put it out.

  4. Note the word “Intent.” Seems more likely the intent was to defraud insurers or get round planning/conservation issues.

  5. Given the laws around listed buildings, it seems there’s a fairly strong incentive for accidental fires to happen at these places.

    I can think of a few rounds here where everyone would benefit, and nobody (local) would mind if they were to be burned down.

  6. Wasn’t that the point? It was about to be listed.

    It does seem to me to be asking for trouble to announce that something will be listed. Know wot I mean?

  7. If it was about to be listed, then it wasn’t listed, so couldn’t the owners just take a bulldozer to it?

    Or is there a special we’re thinking about protecting this building so you can’t do anything to it category?

  8. I had been there a couple of times. many years (nay decades) ago. Last I heard, it had become run down. Brewery presumably sold it because it was losing money.
    Things would roll ‘uphill’, it was quite a novelty, but obviously not enough loved by black country folk.

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