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Me on slavery reparations. About 1.30.

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  1. Sounded fine to me. But then, I like things a bit spicy.

    Professor was a dick. Imagine spending 5+ years to get a PhD from that guy and being saddled with £30+K of student debt.

  2. Seems a pretty good demonstration of how not to participate in a debate.
    Mistake one. Participating. You debate with someone you’re conceding their opinions have validity. So immediately you’re on the defensive. So now it’s just a case of how much ground you’ll concede.
    The correct response isn’t an argument. It’s a statement.
    None of the people demanding reparations are themselves people who were themselves enslaved.
    None of the people who are having reparations demanded of them enslaved anyone. And this is about people, not governments. Governments only have people’s money. Governments do not have money as of themselves.
    None of the people having reparations demanded of them have benefited from historic slavery. Very few of their ancestors did. The vast majority of the inhabitants of the British Isles had no say or power regarding the economics of the nation. They worked where they could find work to support themselves. And these are the people being asked to pay.
    So the short answer is: Nothing to do with us. Not our responsibility. Fuck off.
    Historical context. Pre C19th British government jurisdiction extended not much further than the shores of these isles. British nationals operating outside this area were doing so largely in a private capacity. (See East India Company, Hudson Bay Company & ors) British government lacked the capacity to enforce its jurisdiction on them. 1776 is a good example of what happened when it tried. It was limited to attempting to protect commerce, much against the inroads of competing foreign powers. British suppression of the slave trade in the C19th was arbitrary & illegal. Imposed by force majeure. If reparation is due, if anything it should be to the slave traders.
    If the reparation grievance merchants want to go looking for justifiable reparations, suggest they try Lisbon & Madrid. The Portuguese & Spanish colonial empires were government enterprises.

    But you really will not anywhere debating the issue with a tosser from a little known British university who speaks on behalf of nobody. Better not to do it. You just enhance the tosser’s credibility with the hard of thinking.

  3. The thing to debate was this house believes setting up university courses to teach people to teach other people about the need for reparations is a load of old bollocks. compo studies.

  4. I suppose reparations will have to be calculated according to how bad the slavery was. A spectrum might include miner slaves, sugar factory slaves, farm slaves, house slaves, coolies, serfs, indentured labourers, apprentices and so on. Even up to courtiers and courtesans.

  5. Incidentally, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the increase in prosperity of the slaving nations in Africa during the slave trading era. To which we have to thank The Benin Bronzes amongst other historical treasures. Their descendants are largely their governments, now.

  6. Oh & also their intellectual class, writing for the Guardian amongst other chip wrappers. Are we sure the university tosser isn’t one of them? The programme presenter himself certainly comes under suspicion. Apart from being British born of African parentage, biog details are curiously reticent about which African.
    Attack is always the best form of defence.

  7. missed opportunity to talk about who the slavers were. the slavers were africans who enslaved their fellow africans to sell to the brits/portugese etc.
    I note professor (lol) grievance monger dare not talk about arab slavers who were and still are the biggest slavers in history. Like to see him go to saudi to discuss reparations with MLB. We know what happens if MLB don’t like you. Furthermore the uk is so racist he lives here as a professor teaching at a plastic uni. God brits are so racist. Wheres Steve with his lions when you need him?

  8. Furthermore the uk is so racist
    But as racist as the reparations movement? In the UK, for instance,they seem to be holding culpable indigenous inhabitants of the UK before the C19th. US would be a little more complex as it’s non-indigenous before the Civil War (presumably) However in practise, it’s Blacks demanding reparations from Wypipo, irrespective of their origins. They also seem to be giving the Latins a free pass on this. In the US, Latinos are largely descendants of the Conquistadors.

  9. So this bloke has African parentage. How did he come to Britain? If he, or his parents came here of their own free will, then they were not enslaved. Statistics may probably show that his ancestors were therefore actively involved in the slave trade, on the buying and selling side. If they were, will he be the first to pay reparations to descendants of slaves? I thought not. It’s always the fault of the racist, bastard, wypo.

  10. @Bloke in Spain


    Young Mr Worstall, you should have treated this individual like the troll he was, because all of this “reparation” bollocks is just trolling.

    Never feed a troll – i.e. engage in any of the “argumemts” – but you can respond as long as your response is confined to mockery: troll the troll back.

    For the slavery grifters, point out to them their total hypocrisy and ask them what they are doing to help free any of the 40 million or so slaves in the world today.

    Put this question to them repeatedly and simply ignore – do not even acknowledge – any reference to historical slavery.

    If you do so politely – and it is a perfectly reasonable question to ask of a “slavery activist” – that alone should provoke a frothing, racist rant.

    Try it next time.

  11. The Pedant-General

    What an absolutely bog awful section. Bonsu gave the grifter about 3x the time you had, just let him waffle on and change the subject at will. Completely atrocious.

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