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Umm, yes?

Russia is demanding compensation from Norway for runaway reindeer chewing up Russian grassland.

Both countries share a common border in the Arctic.

Both countries share the border, do they? That is a surprise.

15 thoughts on “Umm, yes?”

  1. There is a border point between Norway, Finland and Russia; probably a bit more interesting now than when I saw a YouTube on it some years back. Even then it was a bit tense, accessible only from Norway.

    There has been almost constant chewing since 2014, clearly a NATO backed cud.
    And some of these are actually Rhinedeer . . .

  2. That is why all Royal Matines are such good skiers. It is where they train ever since Norway joined NATO.

  3. And even the reindeer left in Norway are fascists, oppressing the Russian-speaking reindeer and suppressing their culture.

  4. I worked in Norway for a bit. Seeking a souvenir I bought a reindeer rug.
    After a few months the damn thing began to moult.

    (Unlike my dad shooting Rudolf, this a true story.)

  5. Hopefully we won’t give Santa £100 Bn and encourage him to fight Russia to the last reindeer this time guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. How can they tell they were not originally Russian reindeer that were illegal immigrants to Finland who have now decided to return to the motherland?

    This must be a joke but I can’t tell nowadays.

  7. On what Tim’s underlining of “Both” suggests is his point, it’s useless to worry about such tautology; one is, for example, forever reading that “both parties agree(d).” If I’m sufficiently provoked, I’ll write about the different but related topic of “both” versus “each.”

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