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Wimmins, eh?

A veterinary nurse has been suspended for three months after she gave strong, unprescribed drugs meant for animals to a friend, describing them as a “cocktail of dreams”.

Melanie Herdman was reported by the friend five months after the incident, after Ms Herdman started a relationship with the friend’s husband, a professional tribunal heard.

The woman – named only as Mrs LC in the hearing – had asked Ms Herdman for drugs to ease “severe pain” experienced by her husband.

So bird 1 asked bird 2 for help, which was given. Then bird dobs in bird 2.

Mrs LC said she was aware she was not without fault as she had asked for the drugs, and was also aware that reporting the incident might be regarded as “sour grapes” as her husband was now in a relationship with Ms Herdman.

Well, yes. Could be……

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