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Bit Mel Brooks isn’t it?

A high-ranking German general in charge of military ethics and esprit de corps has been suspended after he was accused of forcibly trying to kiss a male soldier on the mouth, according to a report.

11 thoughts on “Bit Mel Brooks isn’t it?”

  1. “A high-ranking German general in charge of military ethics”. Bankman-Fried’s Mum is, apparently, a Professor of Law specialising in ethics. And a big noise in the Democrat Party, naturally.

    On the same line, I’ve read a few decisions made on the advice of specialists in medical ethics. Hard to tell whether they were being chumps or crooks.

  2. Officer for ethics?
    Isn’t that a bit like the days when the armies had officers to ensure they were following socialist or communist principles?

  3. Soviet politicians and generals were always snogging each other.

    How do they know, was he being spied upon ?

    “Helga, pass me my poweful Gestapo field glasses…”

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