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Mosaval was one of the first black dancers to work with an international ballet company.

in his native South Africa.

They were Muslims of Malay descent,

A Cape Malay is described as being black? Even in the South African apartheid rules that wasn’t true.

9 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. I pointed that out earlier this week re the Telegraph’s obituary. Must have been on some other blog I suppose.

  2. Actually a good example of how crazy apartheid was. Four official categories, Native, Coloured, Asian and European. Gamat (Cape Malay) were Coloured. Filipino and Chinese were Asian. And Japanese were Honourary European.

  3. Japanese were Honourary European

    They still are as far as the racist nutjobs of the American left are concerned. A bit like the ‘one drop’ rule, they love to take in the opinions of old school racists.

  4. “Japanese were Honorary European”

    Ironic as the Japanese would never consider a European as a honorary Japanese. Apparently, they don’t even consider American Japanese as ‘proper’ Japanese even if both parents were Japanese, as they weren’t born and raised in Japan.

    Highly ethnically homogenous country, Japan – 98.1% of the population is Japanese. With 0.5% Chinese and 0.4% Korean and 1% for everyone else, it’s not a country where the ROP is making inroads.

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