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Watch: Laurence Fox asks ‘who would shag’ female reporter on GB News

Doesn’t sound like them. Watching shagging is Channel 5 isn’t it?

16 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Cue yet another Ofcom enquiry into GB News (their equivalent of the somewhat disproportionate number of UN resolutions condemning Israel) in 5, 4, 3, 2………

  2. A journalist Steve? A TV one to boot. Jeez you must be hard up for totty. Unless you’re considering some covert videoing for your ‘What I did on my holidays’ reports.

  3. PoliticsJoe appears on my Instagram feed.

    It is fucking moronic. It is like having a news channel run by Richard Burgon and Nadia Whittombe ( whaddya mean that is the BBC ?) I feel stupider every time I see one of their posts.

    Anyway, I would.

  4. I’d shag her. She seems to be an attractive young woman. As long as there was no conversation. That would be a deal breaker. I can’t even face playing a video because I know she’ll have one of those voices.

    Actually, maybe Foxy is right after all….

  5. I remember it being said of one of the guys at our rugby club that “he’d shag any woman alive”.

    “He’s not that fussy”, I opined.

  6. Thanks (for a very small value of) for that John. Agreed. Rather me Granny, if I knew where she was buried. It’s not only the voice. One wonders what’s behind the trowelled on slap. Or, to be honest, one refrains from wondering. Not often one’s relieved to hear Piers Morgan interject.

  7. Ottokring

    It is shocking I agree – possible one of the few ‘news’ offerings that makes the Guardian look like a mode of sophistication. The whole thing is a confected s£)(storm by someone who is looking to be offended. The fact this story is a headline speaks volumes about the mainstream News media.

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