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Erm, no, not what he said

Last week, Meloni’s partner showed a crude, casual and unreconstructed misogyny in full flow. Following a number of gang-rape cases in Palermo and Naples, Andrea Giambruno declared on TV, of young women drinking while out dancing: “if you avoid getting drunk and losing consciousness, perhaps you’d also avoid getting into trouble, because then you’ll find the wolf”. While he also said: “If you go dancing you are fully entitled to get drunk,” the statement was widely interpreted by many as victim-blaming: women, you bring rape on yourself by being wanton.

Drinking until you black out does raise the risk of rape.

Which is what he said. Nothing about being wanton in the slightest.

10 thoughts on “Erm, no, not what he said”

  1. You’re reminding me of the Brittany Higgins case in Oz. The trial has now been aborted due to ‘juror misconduct’. It doesn’t seem as though it’ll be restarted. Although she’s now settled a compensation claim against the Commonwealth for being so horrid.

    But the relevant bit is that she and Lehrmann and got roaring drunk. And she claims that he then raped her. Perhaps if she’d drunk a little less, she might not have been found ‘completely naked, inebriated and disoriented in the early hours of the morning in the minister’s office’.

  2. This woman’s an idiot: ’On a broader social level, the UK certainly has problems with integration. But these pale next to those in Europe, where, from Cologne to Molenbeek in Brussels, to Malmo and Paris, the influx of migrants from certain countries have contributed to what have been called “no-go zones” – where women (and police) are said to be particularly in danger. Personally, I am not against immigration – it can be revitalising, regardless of where the migrants come from…’

    Those Italian women getting blind drunk clearly aren’t the only ones utterly heedless of danger…

  3. the effects of mass immigration from Syria and north Africa, which, without any real control or policy of assimilation, has regrettably intensified problems with crime in large urban areas.

    You see, it’s “integration” that has somehow mysteriously failed and not the policy of importing retarded dinghy rapists to live off you.

  4. Kathleen Stock has a much better article on this in The Times (Telling women how to cut the risk of rape is anything but sexist), and it’s gratifying to see that all the top rated comments agree with her. Maybe there is some hope for us.

  5. So when the police urge us to lock our doors and windows, and insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you leave your keys in your car, that’s ‘victim blaming’ is it?

  6. On Elizabeth line last night back from Heathrow. Chap skinning up (a joint clearly). “What the fuck you looking my at?” He cries out as my gaze wanders past him.

    Then starts chatting up a girl. “Were you from?”, a question that can get you cancelled if you are white. “Somalia” comes the reply. Not Ealing, not anywhere in the U.K. but abroad. Chap says he comes from Sudan and knows some “Mali’s” who are all into fraud for the easy money, init.

    Now given the immigration officer was clearly black and as cheerful and engaging as anyone I’ve ever encountered in that chair I’ll be clear I’m not pointing out all immigration is bad. But we’ve imported the dregs of societies where taking from the local “sheep” is a way of life and then we expect them to do what exactly?

  7. @Jonathan

    So when the police urge us to lock our doors and windows, and insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you leave your keys in your car, that’s ‘victim blaming’ is it?


    There was a time within living memory when that was common, at least in rural areas and suburbia. The police, government and citizens enforced that standard. Miscreants could expect little mercy and much justice. Not so much anymore.

  8. Surely this is advising people how not to be a victim so as they aren’t a victim yet it’s not victim blaming.

    Was listening to a self-defence expert who was saying that trusting your instincts is always best option and women today are afraid of being seen as discriminating or racist and don’t listen to their instincts leading to more dangerous situations.

  9. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Isn’t the difference that in the past a girl might go out, get blind drunk, and had a certain nonzero risk of waking up with a feeling of shame upon beholding the specimen she woke up next to?

    Whereas now a girl might go out, get blind drunk, and will be fortunate not to wake up with multiple specimens still doing various unspeakable things to her?

  10. That’s what Kim du Toit (one of the few links in Tim’s blogroll that actually works) would call “Train Smash Women.”

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