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Extremist doesn’t want to answer tricky question

Someone made the rookie mistake of asking writer and academic Julia Serano to come on air and discuss the bigot dog-whistle “what is a woman?” Serano declined, and explained why.

“What is a woman?” is not intended to be a question. It’s a slogan created and championed by UK “gender critical” activists who strongly oppose the social and legal recognition of trans people, with some even calling for eliminationist measures that would morally mandate us out of existence. Whenever gender-critical activists pose the “what is a woman?” question to politicians, organizations, celebrities, etc. (as they are wont to do), they are not looking to start a nuanced discussion or debate.

Well, quite. No one does want to be confronted with a tricky question in public. Therefore don’t agree to duscuss tricky questions in public.

Or, equally, turn tail and run from tricky questions which show up the absurdity of your extreme beleifs.

22 thoughts on “Extremist doesn’t want to answer tricky question”

  1. Known for
    Trans and bi activism, coining the terms “subconscious sex” and “transmisogyny”, criticism of Blanchard’s transsexualism typology, writing, spoken word performance

    Not much of an academic if she can’t answer a simple question. Standards are really slipping.

  2. Note that it’s also based on the assumption that by definition people like Serano and the rest of the Goodthinkful Class cannot be hateful and intolerant and that, indeed, the definition of hate and intolerance is to disagree with the Goodthinkful Class.

  3. I’m wondering how soon they’ll call pointing out that it was ‘assigned male at birth’ is hate speech.

    Being a lazy bastard, I’m naturally pissed off at having to google to find out what people like Julia really are.

  4. Tim

    Whatever ‘it’ is and it seems to be a parody of humanity – it does make the very valid point that the endgame will be the elimination of all Militant Trans campaigners- whether by ISIS or due to an internal backlash. Normality and Big Trans are simply incompatible

  5. Why is it a rookie mistake to expose the refusal of a spokesperson to answer a question? (Except in the alternative universe of the transactivists) .
    Isn’t that how one exposes their dishonesty?

  6. I reckon I could answer the question in the way that they want-
    “A woman is someone with female hormones who lives as a woman.”
    Nonsense of course but a defensible position. There are nutters on both sides and a good chance that your opponent will go tonto and lose the non aligned part of the audience.

    The fact that “she” won’t even try shows it’s a coward.

  7. O/T
    RIP Senator (senatrix?) Diane Feinstein, aged 90
    So sad. She was a talented footballer and rapper with her whole life ahead of her. Her replacement will be appointed by the California governor, who has pledged that the next senator will be a black female. So it’s a choice between Meghan Markle and Hilary Clinton.
    God bless America. Pray for California.

  8. @Phillip

    Ooh! Barbara Lee will be so angry with you for leaving her out. She is entitled to the job you know. Governor Nuisance promised it to her.

    Also in the running, “Mad” Maxine Waters, Oprah, and Michelle “Mike” Obama.

  9. Someone made the rookie mistake of asking writer and academic Julia Serano to come on air and discuss the bigot dog-whistle “what is a woman?” Serano declined, and explained why.

    Because “Julia Serano” is a man.

  10. I think the best reply I’ve Seen was from Posie Parker when faced with a trans activist who was spouting bollocks about the definition of a woman (much like the supreme court judge who said she couldn’t define what a woman was because she wasn’t a doctor) Posie said to paraphrase -” i know what i dog is when i see one and i’m not a vet.” It really is that simple.

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