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Fast track?

The way transgender children are being treated by the Scottish NHS will “go down as a medical scandal as bad as lobotomy or thalidomide”, a doctor has warned.In a letter to Gregor Smith, Scotland’s chief medical officer, the clinician raised fears that proposals to fast-track irreversible surgeries and make it easier to access hormones were not backed by evidence and would “cause harm to many vulnerable young people.”

They’re to fast track cutting the genitals off children?#

Fast track?

13 thoughts on “Fast track?”

  1. As a moderate centrist, I think we should only cut off half of our children’s genitalia.

    This makes people at both ends of the political spectrum angry, thereby providing my centrist superiority.

    I am very smart.

  2. Meanwhile, the NHS in Yorkshire has a 20 year waiting list for tranny surgery, thus dealing with the problem of non-adult tranny surgeries through its most effective mechanism, long waiting lists.

  3. No, Ironman, we, the long suffering taxpayer, will be.

    I’d rather it came out of the personal pockets of every surgeon who took a scalpel to a child’s genitals, but we all know that won’t happen…

  4. John Galt – 20 year waiting list? LUXURY!

    Me dear old Mum-Dad had to bray her own balls with a pair of rusty garden shears I found in a skip.

    Ee, twere right awkward down at t’mosque.

    But xe were HAPPY.

  5. Being nasty, I’d prefer to insist that all advocates of trannyfying kids should be used for experimental ball or boob lopping or whatever else turns them on.

    If they’re still not discouraged, perhaps Mohammed bin Salman might have some suggestions.

  6. Fast track?

    Hysteria apart, the current waiting lift for a first appointment at the Sandyford clinic is around 3 years. Hormones are prescribed in Scotland from a minimum age of 16. Surgery has a minimum age of 18 and will only be recommended by an adult GIC

    Teenage patients are transferred to a GIC waiting list ant age 17 and treatment ceases until they are seen. The current average waiting time is another 3-5 years.

  7. They seem to be catering for this in my local supermarket where the two toilets have signs saying:



    “Women (and Men with mental illnesses)”

  8. Well, thank you John Galt, Josephine and Andrew C. The bureaucrats seem to be handling this latest idiot fashion reasonably well.

    Although I still prefer Mr Eck’s solution of lots of rope.

  9. I knew a nurse in the 1980’s who worked on the gender ward of a big London hospital; in those days they had to live as a woman ( they were all men), based in hospital accommodation, for two years before they’d even consider drugs or surgery. What changed?

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