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Here’s a shocking headline, eh?

Most women I know don’t want to have sex like men’: Chanel Contos on consent, porn and ‘out-of-fashion’ feminists

Who knew?

7 thoughts on “Here’s a shocking headline, eh?”

  1. “That gap between gender equality and sex positivity is where we have sexual assault, regretful sexual experiences.”

    There’s a neat way of coupling together two things which have little in common unless one allows that women can be said to be victims of “regretful sexual experiences” rather than simply promiscuous.

  2. After 100 years of progressive society telling women “it’s ok, it’s normal, women *do* like sex”, everything in recent decades has told us that’s a lie. It’s clear from so much of the media that the maximum sex a woman will put up with is as much as will get them pregnant, then they forcibly eject the sperm provider from their life and never have sex again.

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