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Hmm, dunno

An acclaimed British crocodile expert who worked with Sir David Attenborough has pleaded guilty to dozens of charges of bestiality which involved the torture, sexual assault and killing of more than 40 pet dogs.

Adam Britton moved from the UK to the Northern Territory of Australia as a young man to pursue his interest in saltwater crocodiles, the giant predators that live across the tropical regions of northern Australia.

Based in Darwin, the zoologist wrote books, collaborated on films, made nature documentaries with the BBC and National Geographic and kept a pet half-tonne, 16-foot-long saltwater crocodile which he named Smaug.

He seems to have had the good sense not to try buggering the crocodile. So the insanity defence is out, isn’t it?

19 thoughts on “Hmm, dunno”

  1. The court heard that the wildlife expert had a “sadistic sexual interest” in animals, in particular dogs, and that he had intentionally killed around 40 animals in a pattern of behaviour that dated back to 2014 at least.

    The court heard that Britton, who was married for 15 years and who completed his PhD in zoology at the University of Bristol, had a shipping container on his property which he called his “torture room”.

    When police raided the rural property near Darwin last year they found the container was packed with computers, cameras, external hard drives and sex toys.

    Kill him.

  2. Oh, he’s insane all right… Dangerously so…

    Then again, it being the Northern Territories.. the solution is simple..
    Just drop him in the mangroves during breeding season.. preferably with a bit of a splash..

  3. “He was a bit of a sook (Australian slang for wimp) …”

    In Pictland a “sook” is someone who sucks up to people in authority. I’ll bet that many murderous, non-wimp Nazis and Bolsheviks were sooks.

  4. Well, I’d never heard of this ratbag. But, by my standards, anyone who doesn’t want the salties exterminated should be chucked to the damn things.

  5. Why all the people wanting him killed. Seems a tad OT for someone who has created a crossover niche market from Wildlife Documentaries and Porn. They will have to create new categories in all those porn sites although I seem issues with IMDB.

  6. @Lord T

    Because what he did went far beyond creating a bit of run-of-the-mill family friendly animal porn with squirrel suits.
    It was sick. See Kroc Doc’s link.

    And if that isn’t enough, people who do things like this to animals generally progress up to doing it to humans.

    Treatment as per my earlier post would ensure he never gets the chance to do shit like this to some poor young person. Or anyone.

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