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I might have said this before

But one of the big differences from 20 years back is that second and third ranking teams (tho’ Fiji ain’t that any more, snigger) have kickers who can reliably get 40 metre penalties. That used to be an area where sideline conversions, longish penalties etc, only the top teams had kickers – to the obvious advantage of their ability to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

10 thoughts on “I might have said this before”

  1. I don’t hold with all this modern instep nonsense.

    Everyone should kick the ball properly like Bob Hiller. Tom Kiernan was pretty good as well.

  2. Bob Hiller went to my old school, in the days when it was a grammar, before it became Bash Street.

    These long range artillery duels started in the 1980s with the likes of Jonathan Webb.

    If the Fijians could kick better and pace/time their runs properly they’d have been out of sight against the Aussies and beaten Wales.

  3. May have been, I think ‘best’ was throwing a 20 yard pass high over the no. 10 standing on the 22 for Goode (maybe)? to run on to and score. TBF to Mauro most forwards would lead to exactly the same result.
    But i agree with you, the goal scoring is much better all round now, but the differential is still less. My pet peeve has always been wingers touching down when they could easily get closer to the sticks (tuilagi notorious for it).

  4. I think it was Sean Edwards who popularised the kick pass.
    I wonder if the header pass (not a knock on, for mysterious reasons) will be known as a Marler.

  5. I thought Fiji could well have beaten Wales. I enjoyed their beating Oz. (I have reason to support Oz but can’t bring myself to do so while Jones is in charge.)

    I’ve twice tried watching England and have given up when it’s become clear that their ambition is to play no rugby at all.

  6. Fiji would have had more tries but for their instinct to luzz a long miss pass to the wing when putting it through hands would fix the defence. An instinct born of 7s perhaps?

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