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Gender-critical civil servants were compared to “Nazis” and the “far-Right” by fellow officials in a meeting discussing diversity, The Telegraph can disclose.

Members of the civil service group Sex Equality and Equity Network (SEEN) were targeted for their views on women’s rights, with one civil servant accusing the group of wanting to “destroy” the LGBT+ community.

SEEN believes “that biological sex is binary and immutable… and that biological sex must not be conflated with, or replaced by, the concepts of gender or gender identity”. It is the first Whitehall group set up to represent gender-critical staff.

If only we could get them to spend all their time arguing with each other….

6 thoughts on “If only”

  1. Staff networks are a thing originating in the last decade, yes?

    Can they all be wound up, as they seem to be tools to campaign within the Service.

  2. On the other hand, I am a member of the SEEN network. I joined because of the number of women I work with who are suffering tall, heavy-set men imposing the full Hinge & Bracket routine on them, including using the women’s toilets, sometimes saying publicly that”I’ll go with you”. These women go to their employer and their union and are met with misogyny. These are gay men who don’t like and have no use for women.
    And then there are those heterosexual men who declare themselves women and get jobs in women’s refuges and shelters; yes they do!
    The trans lobby is sick, is criminal and should be compared with the PIE. We’re missing Harriet Harman from the debate, but it’s only a matter of time.

  3. Ironman

    Good to hear from you again- which is why while I might not see 100% with SEEN on everything it’s analogous to not particularly liking Islam but preferring most Muslims to ISIS – the trans lobby is the equivalent of PIE and the sooner it is consigned to history’s dustbin the better

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