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Iratus Solanum

Humza Yousaf should shelve proposals to impose a wealth tax to fill a £1 billion black hole in the Scottish Government’s finances because it would be “costly and complex”, experts have warned.

Last week, Mr Yousaf, the First Minister, said “we shouldn’t rule wealth taxes off the table” in the forthcoming Scottish budget because of “extraordinary pressures” on the Government’s finances.

In particular, he cited a recent Scottish Trades Union Congress report that proposed raising £1.4 billion per year by imposing a one per cent annual tax on wealth, including property, pension pots and possessions such as jewellery and art.

Tsk, doesn’t the First Minister know that the Great Potato of Ely has ruled out a wealth tax?

3 thoughts on “Iratus Solanum”

  1. Give the guy some credit for following the golden rule of policy making = whatever professor potato proposes, do the opposite.

    However he needs to learn the qualifier to the golden rule = occasionally, like stopped clocks, the potato is correct, though normally for the wrong reasons or those he’s misunderstood

  2. Camper vans to be exempt no doubt.

    Weird to see a trade union supporting a 1% annual tax on pensions? Can they do maths over, say, 40 years? Because, as we all know, this will be a completely one-off tax that will absolutely never happen again.

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