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Is this the real reason?

With relatively tight budgets, controversy has become the lifeblood of GB News. It describes itself as the “home of free speech” and is widely viewed as Britain’s answer to Fox News. But the latest scandal has fuelled accusations that the channel has gone too far – and risks alienating advertisers and regulators once and for all.

If it’s the money talking then perhaps that’s all fair enough then?

13 thoughts on “Is this the real reason?”

  1. The problem is that more people ( Sid and Doris Bonkers ) watch GBNews than Sky.

    Best thing I ever did was giving up my TV licence.

  2. Ottokring, sadly Mrs Grist is addicted to Strictly and since my professional body won’t let me use my qualifications if I have any sort of conviction I can’t afford to follow your lead.

    Encouragingly, she was a bit put off by the sight of a couple of blokes smooching on the dance floor – oops, sorry “dancing” – that perhaps the end is nigh.

    I suspect the first transgender will set me free…

  3. What if the money is saying it wants you broke and dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny?

    Because I’m starting to suspect my television isn’t desperate to show me homosexual negroes for commercial reasons.

  4. Steve

    I accidentally saw recently ( it wason at my Mum’s house ) a commercial for Bisto involving a mixed race lesbian couple.

    I dread to think what an Oxo ad looks like.

  5. Otto, there are no straight, white couples in the UK, didn’t you know that?

    Thinking about it a bit, why don’t those of us who are straight and white lobby, for ‘protected characteristic’ status?

  6. Fox has been suspended from GB NEWS for his comment about one woman. Not the whole female race, which would be mysoginy, but only one woman. Meanwhile, that one woman has disclosed her hatred of all men ( “I will continue to wear a mask on the subway to protect myself against the most vicious virus of all. Men”). This, of course, suggests mysandry, but she has not been cancelled or suspended. Double standards?

  7. Double standards?

    No, it’s a single standard. You are not allowed on TV, or in politics, or in business, or in academia, if you’re right wing.

    We know this, because that’s how all of our institutions behave.

  8. Hitlery says the 2016 election was “stolen ” from her = no fuss.
    Trump says the 2020 election was “stolen” from him = impeachment.

    Sleepy Joe admits to the world that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma (and therefore Hunter and therefore, in all probabilty, himself) the chop by withholding $1Bn and it gets forgotten.
    Trump is accused of ‘Quid Pro Quo’ with Zelensky = impeachment.

    Trump is accused of having ‘classified secrets’ in his secure storage room (which was checked for security by the FBI a few months prior, which sort of gives the game away that they knew he had stuff, stuff he was legally entitled to have as President) = home raided by dozens of armed FBI agents.
    The Big Guy (the bloke who gets 10% of the moolah from the deals Hunter doesn’t participate in) has ‘classified documents in a cardboard box in his garage (next to the green Corvette with number plate ‘Big Guy’) from when he was Vice- President (who is not allowed to have classified documents) = But Trump………

    Definitely not one rule for one and one rule for another and it is the same here.
    Perhaps it is a facet of the left

  9. Clinton won more votes than Trump in 2016.
    Trump is immoral in his private life. Trump is not a good guy.

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