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Journalism incomes are down

As I’ve said before, freelance journo rates are the same, in nominal terms, as they were 20 years ago.

Lottie Tiplady-Bishop

Can’t think why. Couldn’t be the influx from the distaff side of the upper middle classes, could it?

8 thoughts on “Journalism incomes are down”

  1. A name I like is Sabine Baring-Gould. Would he be cancelled today? Arrested? Wokeypedia reports:

    He took Holy Orders in 1864, and at age 30, became the curate at Horbury Bridge, … Yorkshire. It was while acting as a curate that he met Grace Taylor, the daughter of a mill hand, then aged fourteen. In the next few years they fell in love. His vicar … arranged for Grace to live for two years with relatives in York to learn middle-class manners. Baring-Gould, meanwhile, relocated to become perpetual curate at Dalton, near Thirsk. He and Grace were married in 1868 at Wakefield. Their marriage lasted until her death 48 years later, and the couple had 15 children … When he buried his wife in 1916 he had carved on her tombstone the Latin motto Dimidium Animae Meae (“Half my Soul”). … he did not remarry … and was buried next to his wife.

  2. Peasant women had fewer children as they were breast feeding which is a (not by any means perfect) contraceptive. Upper class women had wet nurses so their milk dried up and they were up the duff sooner.

  3. You can’t assume that a double barrelled name means silver spoon territory any more. All classes have given up on the marrying habit, so children from all walks of life now get given the 2 surnames of their parents. It been going on for a couple of decades now, so we must be approaching the point when unwed double barrels are procreating with each other, and the resulting children will be very confused……

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