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Laugh or get angry?

The media needs to cover the climate crisis as seriously as it covered Covid
Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope
With some exceptions, the news industry is still not responding to the true scale and danger of global heating


Jeebus. Up the propaganda, the peasants are seeing through it. But do we laugh about this or get tooled up and take care of ’em?

21 thoughts on “Laugh or get angry?”

  1. They must have missed the hysterical reporting of what used to be known as summer.

    do we laugh about this or get tooled up

    Let’s go with ‘and’….

  2. On Netflix, Don’t Look Up spent weeks as the most-streamed movie ever. Pop star Billie Eilish sings about hills burning in California. At the bookstore, climate fiction has become a genre of its own, while Jeff Goodell’s The Heat Will Kill You First, a harrowing nonfiction account of what life on a warming planet will mean, is entering its second month on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

    UwU we’re all gonna die! *fap* *fap* *fap*

    As journalists, we have to do better

    I agree (exclusive interview with Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud at the Saudi embassy, one at a time please).

  3. I await the bushfire hysterics which will undoubtedly accompany our Aussie summer.

    I must admit I’d love to have Mr Ecks around to deal with them wholesale. We could reuse the ropes.

    PS. I’m shocked!! The Guardian calls it global heating, not global boiling.

  4. Every scientific study and the evidence from ice cores shows unequivocally that CO2 level rises AFTER a rise in temperature.
    While supposedly sane people continue to buy into the nutters insanity / grift, the insanity/grift will continue.

  5. They’re getting shrill because they know they’re running out time (due to an inconvenient lack of warming). Chris Packham is openly talking about a “Radical Flank” blowing up oil refineries.

    Meanwhile, Rishi about to give a speech on delaying some Net Zero insanity.

    Things –> interesting.

  6. Can politics reporters and editors scale back their fixation on horse-race coverage and instead provide the kind of coverage that voters need to make informed choices? Election coverage should help audiences understand what the candidates will do about the climate crisis if elected, not just what they say. It should hold candidates accountable by asking them not (as Fox did at the first US Republican debate last month) whether they believe in climate change but rather, “What is your plan to deal with the climate crisis?”

    Obviously they live in a complete bubble (And certainly not the UK) where everything, even a local freesheet is obligated to pay copious lip service to the entire agenda and run articles extolling the need to go vegan and ‘Green alternatives’

    Furthermore as with Murphy these guys cannot abide dissent. I am thinking pitchforks and pretty sharpish at the absolute minimum.

  7. “…I’d love to have Mr Ecks around…”

    I imagine he died on his keyboard in his mother’s damp basement while claiming benefits for his mental disability….RIP

  8. There’s a program on channel 4 tonight, at 9pm, about whether it’s time for people to start taking the law into their own hands on climate change. The example given in the trailer is blowing up a pipeline.

    I wonder if there could be any issues with encouraging people to think about blowing up pipelines…

  9. There’s a program on channel 4 tonight, at 9pm, about whether it’s time for people to start taking the law into their own hands on climate change. The example given in the trailer is blowing up a pipeline.

    More sensible would be felling a few bird mincers, or tipping iron filings into milk float chargers (if you can find a working one!)

  10. I’d like to take the law into my own hands by taking up the asphalt drives of every councillor, MP, grifter and public intellectual who claims there is a climate emergency.
    Cars can be parked perfectly well on a grass lawn. Even low quality grassland with decent drainage takes out about 1kg CO2 per sq. metre from the atmosphere.
    I wonder if there’s a database of addresses out there.

  11. There’s a program on channel 4 tonight, at 9pm, about whether it’s time for people to start taking the law into their own hands on climate change. The example given in the trailer is blowing up a pipeline.

    Now do taking the law into one’s own hands regarding illegal immigration.

  12. Yes Ted. We can all think of some wonderful things where we really should take the law into our own hands.

    Imitate the Saudis method of dealing with illegal immigration. Or just drive over idiots who glue themselves to the road.

  13. PJF – looks like Rishi just harmonised a few of the more egregiously stupid of Boris and Treeza’s punitive measures with the EU.

    Welcome, but it’s not the start of anything good. It’s a Rwanda type climate squirrel, because we’re still “legally” locked in to economic self destruction by 2050.

    The coverage has been hilarious tho – I think the Guardian is having a stroke today. Lots of column inches devoted to “climate expert” Bob Ward (Bob Ward’s climate expertise: £££££) crying about how heat pumps are ACKSHUALLY cheaper than gas and oil boilers, if only we ban those pesky oil and gas boilers and spend billions on heat pumps and wrapping everybody’s houses in cling film.

  14. Here’s a good one:

    The polling and interviews showed that most Tory voters thought spending more on renewable energy would bring down the cost of living and do not blame green commitments for the cost of living squeeze

    No idea if this is true or not (it’s in the papers, so probably a lie), but imagine living your life like a dumb animal who doesn’t understand why he’s suffering.

    I’m wondering what the Venn diagram looks like for people who got masked, vaxxed and boostered compared with people who think buying heat pumps is going to save them money, compared with people who have no internal monologue.

    It looks like this, I reckon:


  15. @Steve – there’s some poor old sod interviewed in the Terriblegraph today, complaining that he spent £16k on a heat pump which fails miserably to heat his home, so has to be supplemented with a wood burner.

  16. MC – I will never get over how people can read stuff like this and not get angry:

    The Climate Change Committee (CCC) said people should turn off their radiators at peak times as part of a wider drive to deliver “emissions savings”.

    In a document on “behaviour change” the body recommended Britons “pre-heat” their houses in the afternoon when electricity usage is lower.

    It said the move would save families money, but critics suggested the real reason was that renewables will not be able to provide enough energy to cope with peak demand.
    The advice is contained in the CCC’s sixth “carbon budget” paper, which sets out how the UK should reduce its emissions between 2033-37.

    In it the quango suggests people with electrically powered heating systems, such as heat pumps, should switch off their radiators in the evening.

    Lions with flamethrower tails.

    Currently, they’re criticising Rishi for saying he’s not about to tax meat consumption. The story today is, “lol nobody ever suggested restricting meat lol”. This is pure gaslighting, as we know the fuckers have every intention of forcing vegetarianism and entomophagy on the prolecattle. They’ve been promising it for years.

    Greenies really are the most shameless liars and fantasists. We can’t live on the same planet as them.

  17. BTW, the way in which Greenies gaslight the public, shamelessly attack people’s livelihoods and steal money from the public purse while posing as heroes, and gleefully disregard the consent of the electorate has a lot in common with the manipulative sociopathy of pedo groomers and date rapists.

    Unsurprisingly, the Green movement is full of groomers and rapists.

  18. Actually, I’m encouraged whenever I read about the Climate Change Cunts and their great thoughts, because not that long ago the downright evil of their plans was very much under the radar.

    Now it is in the open, people (apart from hand-wringing middle-class wankers) read that stuff and think: go fuck yourself with a wire brush. All this nudging is going to achieve nothing and sooner or later (maybe even very soon if we have a cold winter) the lunacy of Net Zero is going to become abundantly clear. When the lights go off.

    If Rishi had a pair, he could win the next election on this and purge his party of the closet LibDems too.

  19. I read this news yesterday, and wondered if someone had forgotten to add the lithium to the parliamentary water supply, causing a brief out break of sanity. But (sadly) it’s a vote loser, because 60% of voters respond positively to plans to reduce CO2 emissions to ‘save the planet’. Of course, a very different percentage want their energy bills to increase by a factor of 4, while they shiver in the dark and eat their bugs. The difference between expressed and revealed preferences, as our glorious leader has oft explained.

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