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Little bit of fun

China Tontine Wines Group Limited

It’s a wine grower/distributor in China. No, don’t worry about the company. Just wondering whether they know the implications of the word tontine in English? “Last man standing” and all of that?

5 thoughts on “Little bit of fun”

  1. Harry Sisson

    No doctor, no White House aide, no foreign leader, no person who has worked with Biden, NO CREDIBLE SOURCE, has ever said Biden isn’t fit to serve and that his age is a problem. The only people saying he’s “sleepy” are Republicans.

    They made this issue up. Don’t fall for it

    John 8:44

  2. I once sampled Great Wall wine when on a train going through the Great Wall. I respectfully suggest that no one drinks Chinese wine if they want to make sensible financial decisions 🙂

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